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All the information you need to know when looking to buy the best wire stripper


Wire striping machines are often used by several professionals, such as contractors, or tradespeople, and electricians. They are used when repairing a wire is a solution, as opposed to simply replacing a wire which is broken or otherwise damaged.

Of course, there are a few factors one has to consider in choosing a wire striping machine. The safety is a major aspect. Since you are dealing with electricity, it is important to ensure you are working with something which is safe, easy to control, and won’t cause electric-shock or issues with circuits.

They can also be used for more heavy-duty tasks, such as scrapping and recycling copper wire. These striping machines come in different shapes, sizes, and portability options, based upon how and where they are going to be used.

About Wire stripping machines

These machines are intended to help electricians, or professional tradespeople, when dealing with broken wires or electrical issues. Not only are they handy to help you do a repair job, but can also save the customer money when they don’t have to replace an entire wire, or electrical system, because of a simple repair.

Who would use the machine? Any electrician is likely to have one of these machines. Professional tradespeople and contractors who do electrical work, might also own and rely on a wire striping machine, in order to perform repair services. Commercial companies which do repair services are also likely to have this kind of equipment, in order to help them perform repair services on damaged wires.

Different cutting channels, cutting depth, size, and uses, will dictate what you will look for when choosing this machine. Also, depending on the type of work you perform (commercial or residential), there are different types of machines you can use, in order to perform repairs, or upgrading wiring in a home or commercial setting.

Therefore, prior to choosing the machine, it is important to understand how they operate, and what to look for, to ensure safety, and obviously the best results, on any job you are going to complete.




Ease of Use

Cord type


  1. Speed - The ability to strip large quantities of wire, in less time, is going to make you far more efficient in your craft as a professional who does this type of repair work. Therefore, it is important to look for a machine which will work quickly, can strip more wire in less time, and can do so efficiently, to ensure the job is done safely.
  2. Blades - A highly efficient system is one which has durable blades. You don’t want to choose a cutter machine which is going to require you change out the blades after a few uses. Rather, you need something durable, powerful, and something which has sharp blades, which will not wear down immediately upon completing a large job, or cutting thicker materials like copper.
  3. Ease of Use - This piece of equipment is meant to make your life easier, not harder. If you have a hard time setting it up, transporting it, installing it, or otherwise using it when performing repair services for a customer, what good is it going to do you? When choosing a cutting machine, look for efficiency, quick assembly, and ease of use, to help guide you in the decision-making process, when choosing the new machine for your profession.
  4. Cord type - Romex cables, coax, copper. These are a few of the thicker cable wires you are going to work with as an electrician or a tradesperson. Therefore, you want to choose a striping machine which is capable of doing repair on these, and any other electrical wires you might come across on a job you are hired to do. Not only will this help with efficiency, but also eliminate the need to own several machines.
  5. compact - The ability to take the machine from one site to the next, is of high-importance to many as well. If you are always on the go, hired to do various jobs in remote locations, and need this machine on various job site, you don’t want to have to worry about lugging around a huge machine, which is hard to transport. So, look for something that is light and easy to carry around.
The Best Budget: Steel Dragon

This wire striping machine can be used with traditional electrical wires, and it can be used in cutting copper wires as well. It is durable, sturdy, and it is highly transportable, allowing you to use it virtually anywhere.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • It can easily mount to a bench or any work station.
  • It can cut from .12’’ up to 1’’ wire gauge ranges, so it is ideal for smaller repair jobs.
  • Ability to cut through copper, and thicker material finishes.

In addition to the efficiency of the cut, the machine is also going to work quickly. It can easily be connected to an electric drill, which will further allow you to perform other tasks when using this, on various electrical repair jobs.


It is not as fast or efficient as a “commercial” grade machine. It will work much faster than manual repairs. But, it is intended for smaller jobs. So, it is best when doing repair jobs in a residential setting, and might not be as efficient as you would hope, if you are doing major repair, or have to cut several wires, in a larger commercial facility.

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The Cheapest Product: Hand Crank

For those who want efficiency for less, this system is going to deliver. It can cut copper wire, and it relies on a hand-crank mechanism, so you are doing the work, but with far less stress, and in a shorter period of time.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • Cnc machined aluminum is durable, and won’t rust.
  • It works on mid-sized and weight copper wires.
  • 9-4 AWG striping capacity.

The system relies on a hand-crank system. You are going to have to manually do the work in order to cut wires, but it does work faster, and on thicker wire, than you would be able to cut with a hand-held cutter or pliers.


The system is a bit slower than most others, due to the fact that you are manually cranking it in order to cut through the wire. It is also limited in wire size. If it is too thin or too narrow, the system isn’t capable of cutting these wires. It is only intended to work with mid-size wires, and best for copper wiring. It is limited to smaller repairs, and won’t operate as quickly as electric-guided systems will work.

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Best of the Best: YesCom Electric

For high-speed and efficient, you can’t go wrong with this machine. It is going to set you back a little more than other wire striping machines, however it is also going to allow you to get through any repair job, in less time as well.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • There are 3 different feed holes, so you can feed most cables easily.
  • .12-1’’ diameter cable cutting capabilities. It is fast, efficient, and can cut nearly any cable.
  • It can work 50 feet per minute. So, it works fast, and will help you greatly reduce the amount of work in repair jobs.

The electric system does the work for you. All you have to do is put the wire in one of the three feed holes, and select the repair type, in order for it to work. You can do far more in a much shorter period of time.


The major drawback is a higher price that you will pay for this machine, in comparison to many of the others you have available to you. It does work quickly and efficiently, and it is going to help you on job sites. It is a little larger than others, so makes it more difficult to carry around to certain job sites as well.

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Cooper Mine

If you are looking for something that is affordable, and will limit your workload, this can help. It is a manual cutting system; however, it cuts more wire, and it works faster than most traditional cutting systems you’ve used in the past.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • EZ starter helps you feed the wire faster.
  • It can cut thicker wire copper cables, so you can do more repairs, on nearly any wire.
  • It has an output limiter, which will allow you to restrict cut size for repair jobs.

The patented system works quickly and efficiently. It is going to make your life easier, and will help you perform repairs you otherwise couldn’t complete in the past, with the lowest amount of manual labor required by you.


It is still a manual system. So, even though you are going to pay a lower price for the cutter, you have to feed and cut the ends. It is more efficient than others, but not as powerful as other, pricier systems, which are also available.

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This easy to use cutter system will strip nearly any wire, and help you perform repairs you couldn’t in the past. It works quickly, efficiently, and it is capable of cutting through larger and thicker cables.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • It cuts copper, as well as other coax-based cable systems for repair jobs.
  • It feeds quickly, and thicker cables can easily fit through the feeder system.
  • It is powered by any drill. So, you can easily attach your power-tools to get the job done.

Efficiency is high. You are using a power-drill to operate the system, so the speeds are variable, and you have full control, no matter what type of cable, or what kind of repair job you are going to perform with electrical wiring.


The limits with this system are mainly the power-tool or drill used for the job. If you have weaker or dated tools, you aren’t going to get the high-efficiency desired. It is limited in repairs to one electric wire at a time, so feeding through the system does require you to wait until one repair is complete, prior to beginning on the next one.

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  • 1. When will I use the machine?
  • As an electrician, it is highly likely you can use it on many jobs. It is a great tool to help you perform repair or electric wires, rather than have to do an entire replacement. It is going to help improve efficiency and ease of completing some jobs, which would otherwise be far more difficult to complete.
  • 2. Is it effective?
  • Yes. As long as properly used, and used to do a repair job, they are highly efficient. They will cut through thicker cables and wires, and can do so in a far shorter period of time, than you can do with manual tools, or even certain power-tools.
  • 3. Can I cut any wire?
  • : It depends on the striping machine chosen. Some are intended for specific type of electric wires, and others can be used on all wires. Depending on the system you choose, you can cut nearly any type of electrical wiring.
  • 4. Can I use it in a home?
  • Yes. They can be used in a commercial or residential job site. It is important to ensure it is safe, and you are using the equipment properly. But, as long as you are doing repair services, it should be okay to use in a home.
  • 5. How much are these machines?
  • The type of striping machine, portability, capabilities, speed, and other factors, will determine the price you are going to pay when investing in one. However, if you do commercial electrical work, or specialize in repair services, it is a tool which is worth investing in, and will make your life much easier, when completing larger, or more-complex jobs.