Best Truck Toolbox

All the information you need to know when buying the best truck toolbox


A truck bed toolbox is a great addition to any truck. Owners can easily store away tools, wood, or even small items they don’t have place for in the glove-compartment up front. These storage boxes are compact, yet they afford you plenty of interior storage space, with different compartments and layers for storing small or larger items.

The boxes come in various sizes, shapes, and they come in different material finishes as well. Any truck owner would benefit from owning these tool storage boxes. Not only for storing expensive tools, but also accessories, or items you don’t want thrown around, and rolling around in the back of the truck.

Being such as handy piece of equipment, we decided to do some research into the best truck toolboxes currently available. Whilst we were doing that we also found what we believe to be the best budget toolbox and the cheapest toolbox for trucks.

About truck toolboxes

Truck toolboxes are perfect for those who use their truck for work. You can store power tools which are expensive, and you don’t want lying around in the truck bed. You can store items from the interior of your truck, which you don’t have storage space for inside. Or, you can simply store small items you had lying in the bed of your truck, which you want to organize away.

The truck storage boxes also come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from an all stainless-steel exterior, or something which is plastic on the outside. Depending on your budget, the size and the material finish, are obviously going to differ for each individual who is purchasing a truck storage box for their truck bed.

Many boxes also have individual compartments, or sections for storing different items. So, you can set up individual spaces for small items, a place for your expensive power tools, or a large space for extra-large tools you work with on a routine basis. Regardless of the storage box you eventually choose, you want one which will optimize storage space, afford you the security you seek for your truck, and one which is obviously the most affordable, for the highest quality finish possible.



Rugged build

Configuration options


LED lighting

  1. Storage – Obviously, you are buying this toolbox for storage. But, not just the interior storage, the internal compartments or slot-dividers you can set up inside the box as well. Depending on the manufacturer, and the type of toolbox chosen, you can buy individual compartments for smaller items, or you can use the toolbox as a single-slot storage space, for larger tools or accessories you are going to store in it.
  2. Rugged build – Whether you choose a plastic finish, coated finish, or all stainless-steel frame, you want something that is tough. Your truck bed is full of heavy items, which are going to bang around the truck toolbox. Therefore, you want something that won’t get damaged easily if a heavy object hits it, or if it is constantly moving around the truck bed. Rugged exterior, and protection, are important when choosing your toolbox for your truck bed.
  3. Configuration options – You can custom order parts for your toolbox. This can be the small plastic bins for you to hold screws and nails, or a larger section to cover your expensive power tools. Make sure you look for the toolboxes which afford you the most storage space, and ability to configure it, based on the items you are going to store inside of the box.
  4. Lock/security – There are several security features which can be found on toolboxes. Fingerprint scanners, keypad for access codes, or the traditional lock and key. Regardless of the option you choose, you want something that is highly secure, and can’t easily be broken into if someone tries to get into your toolbox. High security should be an aspect you consider when choosing your toolbox.
  5. LED lighting – If you are using it at night, many toolboxes have built-in lighting so you can see what you are doing. This is typically at the top of the toolbox. So, if you do work at night or in very dark conditions, then consider this additional feature when choosing the right toolbox, which you are going to place in the truck bed of your pick-up truck.
The Best Budget: UnderCover SwingCase Truck Storage Box

This toolbox hinges into the area where your truck bed door opens and closes. It swings open for ease of access. You can place tools, or other small items in the storage space available.

The features of this toolbox include:

  • Simple swing mechanism, so you can easily access the toolbox when your truck bed is open.
  • Easy to store and lock. When the truck door closes, your toolbox is hidden away.
  • It fits larger or smaller tools, and you can store smaller accessories as well.

This toolbox can easily be hidden from view. So, it isn’t likely to get broken into or have items stolen from. It is also a space-saver, as it will swing close when the truck bed doors are closed shut.


The storage compartment is limited, due to the design (dips inside). The box can only be accessed when the truck bed door is open. So, you do not have quick access to get tools, if you are in a hurry. You have to physically get out of the truck, and you have to open the doors for access.

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The Cheapest Product: Giantex Aluminium Toolbox

At 49’’ x 15’’, you have plenty of room for storing several items. Tools, accessories, even car parts can easily be stored. And, with lock and key access, your storage box is secure when you aren’t using it.

The features include:

  • Large interior storage space, of about 5 Ft. x 1.5 Ft.
  • It has an aluminum case exterior, for durability.
  • It has a secure lock and key at the front of the door hatch, so you can easily access contents.

This large toolbox locks into place once installed. It sits at the front of the truck bed so it will not move. You can also install individual compartments inside, and its top access open, is easy for you to remove and put items into the toolbox as needed.


It is bulky, heavy, and it can possibly dent. The aluminum exterior is not as sturdy as an all stainless-steel body would be. So, although it is rugged, and hard to remove from the truck because it is heavy (hard to steal), it is not as tough from dents, scratches, or other exterior damage as other materials would be.

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Best of the Best: Better Built Crossover Toolbox

A hinge-design open allows for easy access. The top is flat, so it will align with the top of your truck bed once you install this toolbox. And, it is affixed after it is installed, so it will not slide all over the place when you are driving.

The features of this toolbox include:

  • Long body, for more interior storage space.
  • Individual compartments for smaller items, or custom storage needs.
  • Two side handles for easy access, and easy to lock up after use.

The toolbox is made of an aluminum base. So, it is heavy, and hard to remove from your truck. It also has a heavy-duty dead bolt system lock, which makes it very difficult to pick, or for items to be stolen from the inside of your toolbox.


The aluminum exterior is not as sturdy as other materials. Over time, it can possibly rust, or it will easily be dented if something sharp hits it. The wedge design also limits the interior space a bit. It does fit into most truck beds;however, it does have a dip, which limits the storage at the top.

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Dee Zee Utility Chest

A large base, sturdy exterior, and all-black finish, make this toolbox distinct, and extremely difficult to damage. It has two individual compartment levels, for tools, and small accessories or truck parts.

The features include:

  • A rust-proof exterior. Even with rain or snow, it will not rust or get damaged over time.
  • Large interior, double compartment storage. You can customize how you deem fit.
  • Storage on two levels, so you can easily keep things neat, and know where items are when you need them quickly.

The toolbox is rust-proof. It is also going to lock into place when you place it in the truck bed. It has double interior storage, and allows you to configure the toolbox based upon your storage and use needs when working.


It is a little taller than most standard boxes, so it can possibly limit visibility when you are driving. The black exterior might not go well with all trucks, or the style of truck you drive. So, if this is of concern to you, this exterior finish might clash with your truck (especially if it is a commercial truck you are driving).

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Dee Zee M207 Utility Box

A large interior section affords plenty of storage space for worker’s needs. Brite-tride aluminum finish is sturdy and will not rust over time. It can withstand varying weather conditions, regardless of where you work.

Some of the features include:

  • The rust proof exterior body, won’t get damaged in any region or weather where you live/work.
  • Lockable stainless-steel paddle is easy to access, and is hard to break into or destruct.
  • The interior space is superior to that of most standard truck toolboxes you will find in this price bracket.

The exterior durability, and customizable interior, are nice features of this rugged toolbox. It does lock into place after installation. It has sturdy hinges, so it is quick-release open and close when you are in a hurry.


It is still an aluminum exterior finish. It is not as sturdy as stainless-steel. And, although it is rust-proof, this does not preclude it from other forms of damage. The toolbox can be compartmentalized, however it is a little more steep than other boxes, so it may be a little tough to get items quickly, if you are in a hurry while working on a job site.

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  • 1. What material should I choose?
  • You want quality and durability. Metal or stainless-steel are built to last. So, if possible, it is best to spend a little more initially for something that will last, can’t be broken into, and is going to provide you the security you seek when choosing a toolbox for your truck.
  • 2. How big should the toolbox be?
  • Of course, it depends on what you will store in it. If you are storing hammers and a few nails, you don’t need something as large as you would to store pricey power tools. Consider, what you will store, to make the most informed decision when you are ready to purchase.
  • 3. Can I custom design my toolbox?
  • Yes, many companies will custom design toolboxes. You can also buy individual compartments for storage. This is cheaper, and allows you to configure the interior space, based upon what you will be storing in the truck toolbox you choose to purchase for your truck.
  • 4. Is there a way to secure the toolbox?
  • Yes, many come with locking mechanisms so you can keep the toolbox from sliding. Others can be affixed to the front-of the truck bed, so that it won’t slide all over the place when you are driving.
  • 5. Can I put items on top of the toolbox?
  • Yes. Depending on the material and durability, you can do so. But, you want to be careful not to place items which will damage the toolbox. Consider wisely how you will utilize the toolbox, what you are going to store in it, and what you want to put on top of it, in order to ensure the most efficient use, and avoid damaging or scratching the toolbox.