Best Car Tire Shine

All the information you need to know when buying the best tire shine


Just like any product you buy, when choosing tire shine, some are far superior than others. Tire shine will not only help preserve the tires, the rims, and other metal-components of your tires, but also guarantee that brilliance and shine after application.

With this in mind, we've researched and reviewed dozens of tire shine sprays and provided a list of three different products; the best tire shine, the best value for money, and the cheapest tire shine that still gets the job done.

Who should use tire shine? The product can be used by nearly any driver. Whether you have a motorcycle, 24-in rims on your new sedan, a sport-car, SUV, or any other vehicle in between, tire shine can help preserve the rims on your tires. It can also help in rust-prevention, and other damage, due to normal wear and tear on your vehicle.

It is important to consider the top-rated products, rather than simply purchasing the cheapest tire shine available. You also have to consider the material of the rims, the type of tires you have, and other manufacturer details, in order to ensure you choose a product which can be used on your tires (and your car), and a product which is actually going to have the desired effect when it is applied to your car’s tires.

About tire shine

Any tire shines you purchase should be easy to use and apply. It should also be applied directly to the tires, in order to help bring out the brilliance and natural shine. It is intended to help protect your tires. From road-wear, driving, and items such as pebbles or small rocks which get stuck on your tires.

Tire shine is also intended to help remove dirt and stains which might present themselves, if you drive in mud, or off-road regularly. Dust and tire will leave your tires looking old, and will also possibly wear them out a little more quickly than would be the case if you took care of your tires. With a tire shine product, you can help preserve the rubber, improve traction, and obviously, improve the appearance of your tires.

Most of these products come in a spray-variety. You simply apply it directly to the tire, or onto a rag which you are going to use to rub over the tire. Many of these products can be applied to the rims, and other parts like the rotors. But, you do have to make sure you familiarize yourself with these products, before you do place the product onto your tires.



Non-greasy formula

Browning and longevity

UV protection


  1. Ingredients - Of course, you want something that will help your tires shine. But, you also want a tire shine which will help preserve the life of your tires. The right ingredient blend will not only work well on the rubber material, but might also help improve the structural-integrity of your tires, if it is used on a regular basis to help your tires shine brightly.
  2. Non-greasy formula - You don’t want something that is going to cause your tires to shriekevery time you step on the brakes. Therefore, look for something that is non-greasy. Also, look for a product that is easy to apply, and will dry quickly. Depending on how often you use the tire shine, overtime, your tires might become resistant to the formula, so choose the best formula-blends.
  3. Browning and longevity - A tire shine should prevent your tires from browning. In fact, you will typically see this right on the label when you are choosing the best formula to apply onto your tires. Additionally, look for those products which will help extend the tire’s lifespan, or otherwise help to preserve the rubber when it is applied to your tires routinely.
  4. UV protection - The sun can cause a great deal of damage to your tires. Rubber will expand, and this in turn can cause your tires to burn out faster, and possibly damage more easily when you are on the road. So, choose something that has a built-in UV protection guard, in order to prevent these issues from presenting themselves.
  5. Restorative - Choose a product which will restore the luster, and natural color of your tires. Not only will this help your tires shine bright, but it will also help restore any damage to the rubber base, or interior walls of the tires. If you take care of your tires, they are going to take care of you, and help to keep you safe on the road.
The Best Budget: Chemical Guys Kicker

In addition to a reputable brand name, this tire shine is intended to truly protect and seal your tires. It will restore the new-black look to vinyl caps, tires, and other rubber parts on your vehicle.

Product features include:

  • Instant shine and vibrancy to dull or dated tires.
  • Safe to use on exterior as well as interior walls of your tires.
  • Bright-wet tire shine, and trim dressing are instantly visible upon application.

The simple spray-bottle design makes this product easy to apply directly to your tires, and it can be used on the interior walls as well. It will restore, protect, and help your tires natural-vibrancy appear instantly, upon applying it to the exterior surfaces.


The tire shine does not have a built in UV protective sealant. Although this isn’t imperative, it is something that will help preserve your tires, especially in extremely sunny regions. It isn’t intended for use on tires alone. You can use it on other rubber surfaces. So, although it will work on your tires, it might not be the very best product you can use, for extended-life, and for long-term results in caring for your tires.

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The Cheapest Product: Armor All Gel

This simple application gel instantly brings out the brilliance and natural shine of your tires. It has an advanced formula, which is intended to drive the best results, and help to preserve your tires lifespan.

In addition to the well-known brand name, some product features include:

  • A gel application is very easy to apply, and rub over the entire rubber surface.
  • The wet shine look is intended to last for weeks at a time with a single application.
  • A rich, durable, gel-coat, helps preserve and remove browning from tires.

The Armor All name is one which is synonymous with quality when it comes to auto-care needs. This tire shine is easy to apply, and can coat all components of the tire, as well as the rims and rotor when applying the finish to your tires.


It is a gel-base. This is going to require more volume, in order for you to see the desired results when shining your tires. The gel might not shine as brightly with certain tires as a spray-shine finish will, and this product does not contain the elusive UV-protection which is beneficial for your car’s tires.

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Best of the Best: Mother’s M-Tech

Spray-application is not only quick and easy, but will restore natural brilliance in seconds. Your tires will look bright, and have the wet-appearance, for up to 3-4 weeks, after a single application of the shine.

Mother’s M-tech affords your vehicle several benefits, which include:

  • High-gloss finish and a long-lasting shine after every application/use.
  • A “just-dressed” finish, and your tires will not brown after application.
  • Simple and effective, with UV-protection built-in.

A single spray will do wonders to even dated, and worn-tires. You only have to apply the shining spray every few weeks, and the fresh, wet-look will last for several weeks at a time.


This is one of the pricier products you are going to find when it comes to helping your tires shine and restoring natural brilliance. You will have to work it into the tires, more so than with other products, in order to get the best results. It might not provide the high-gloss finish with a single application. With older tires, you might have to use it a couple times, before you see the very best results, and improve the appearance of your car’s tires.

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Black Magic

Unlike traditional sprays or gels, this tire shine is going to form a foam upon application. This makes it easier to work, and will allow you to deeply clean your tires, to bring out the natural shine.

Features which Black Magic provides users include:

  • Clean, shine, and protect your tires, with a single product.
  • Rich, thick foam, will coat your entire tire, for optimal protection and brilliance.
  • Dissolves release brake fluids, mud, dirt, and other debris on your tires, from extended use and wear.

Of course, the quick application and cleaning, and the low price, are very attractive benefits of this product over other tire shine sprays available. No white or powdery residue remains on your tires either after application.


Unlike other products, this will only coat your tires for up to 2-weeks. This is in comparison to 3-4 weeks with many sprays available for tires. The tire spray simply cleans and coats your tires. Apart from this, it will not afford any additional protection. The product is not intended to provide UV protection for your tires either, which is very beneficial, especially in warmer climate or regions where it is very sunny.

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The spray, no-wipe formula, is a very attractive tire shine for those who are always on the go. It is quick, easy, and it is highly efficient, for tires which are worn, or look extremely dated, due to dirt and browning.

Among the features of using this tire spray are:

  • The no-wipe formula blend. You simply spray onto the tire and allow it to dry naturally.
  • No need to work, or mix; the spray is formulated for quick-release action, and wet-shine finish.
  • Tires remain black, and it helps to prevent browning, especially if you drive in muddy/dirt-road areas.

This product is quick, easy, and efficient. The simple fact that you spray it and leave it, makes it an attractive option for many. It can be used on all tires as well, so you don’t have to worry about age, size, or tread-depth.


There are tire protection components built-in, however there is no UV-protection built into this tire shine spray. It might require more than one application for desired results. Over time it will work well, but may possibly take some time for you to see the intended results with this spray blend.

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  • 1. What is tire shine?
  • As the name implies, it is a product which will help your tires shine. You should apply it directly to the rubber tire base, and rub in (as directed by the product-label). Your tires might also be restored, or otherwise have their lifespan extended, when using thee protective products.
  • 2. Do I need to shine my tires?
  • No. But, a quality tire shine has its benefits. Obviously, your tires will shine; but, it can also provide UV protection, restore your tires, and help prevent browning, depending on where you drive.
  • 3. Should I choose high-gloss?
  • This is a personal preference. If you want your tires very shiny, then a high-gloss finish might be the product chosen. Otherwise, simply choose a protective tire shine, which will help restore brilliance to your tires.
  • 4. Advanced protection: what does this mean?
  • This depends on the formula-blend used to make the tire shine. Some formulas help preserve tires, improve structure, and can potentially increase the strength of the rubber and interior tire walls with continual use, and daily shining.
  • 5. Is UV protection a necessity?
  • Depending on where you live, sunshine can greatly damage the tires. It causes them to expand, weakening the rubber fibers, which will eventually cause your tires to explode on the road. If you choose a tire shine with built-in UV protection, you can better protect your tires. This won’t prevent sunshine from damaging your tires. But, it is possible that it can help extend the life of your tires, and help to better preserve them in areas where sunshine is highly prevalent, and does greatly affect your car’s tires.