Best Sound Blocking Curtain

All the information you need to know when looking to buy the best sound blocking curtain


If you live in a noisy area, sound blocking curtains can help. Or, if you simply want to eliminate noise, clutter, and come home to a quiet place to sleep at night, these curtains can help improve your sleep quality as well.

Whether you live in an area which is very noisy, where there is plenty of traffic, or you simply want to keep he dog-barking outside, your sound blocking curtains will truly help reduce noise levels. Although they won’t mask everything, they can greatly help in noise reduction capabilities in the home.

Who can use the curtains? Any homeowner who has traditional curtains installed can easily transition to the noise blocking curtains. You can use them in a business setting as well. Basically, anywhere you can install traditional curtains, you can install sound blocking curtains as well.

About Sound Blocking Curtains

You can likely guess that they are intended to help eliminate or lessen exterior sound from your home. Depending up where they are placed, and the quality, they can help keep sound out from several yards away. So, even the dogs barking across the street, are going to be clouded by your new curtains.

They typically work with noise or barrier restriction blocks. This will help to provide a barrier or “wall”, so that noise levels are diminished by the time they reach the interior of your home. In some cases, you can completely eliminate the noise, with the higher-priced curtains, or those made with superior material qualities.

Because there are many models, and varying levels of quality, it is best to compare curtains prior to choosing them for your home. These are a few of the factors to consider, so you can find the best sound blocking curtains for your home.







  1. Isolation/cancellation - Just like a pair of headphones, the curtains can block or isolate noise. You want to choose a set of curtains which can restrict, limit, or ultimately eliminate, the noise which enters your home. Since different curtains have different capabilities, consider the barriers, how much protection they afford, and what type of noise they can actually block out.
  2. Style - There are drapes and traditional curtain styles. You can even find electronic blind varieties, if you are willing to spend more when purchasing these curtains. Depending on the décor, and the style you like best, there is more than one type of curtains you can choose, when you want to install these in your home to help with noise reduction levels.
  3. Liner - A liner is basically what provides noise cancellation. So, consider the thickness, placement, how it is going to conceal noise, and other variables. Not only so you choose the best curtains, but also so you can find those which are going to easily block out noise you don’t want to hear, and are going to help keep your home as quiet as possible when you want to relax at the end of the day.
  4. Usability - Some curtains are bulky and hard to move. You want those which are light, easy to move, and will block out the most noise possible from entering your home. Ultimately, quality and ability to keep noise out are the premier features you desire. But, you also want to choose something that is usable in the home, and can easily be used by anyone in the home once they are installed.
  5. Capability - Again, some curtains can block others will isolate. Some are capable of reducing and eliminating certain noises all together. So, you have to understand the capabilities, and how much noise the curtains can actually shield out of the home, in order to ensure you find the best fit, when the time comes to purchase.
The Best Budget: Flamingo P

At 108X52’’, you can fit these onto nearly any window or sliding glass door. They come in various colors, which are UV protected, so your flooring and furniture are safe, and your drapes are not going to fade over time.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • Easy to install, with simple instructions to guide you.
  • The ability to purchase various colors, to match the décor you have in the home.
  • A larger coverage area of 9’ by 4.5’, which covers most standard windows.

The 100% polyester material is going to keep your home cooler, and helps to block noise from outside easily. The triple-weave protection will also provide an additional barrier, to help keep noises you don’t want to hear, outside, when you are trying to go to bed at night.


The header-type installation requires use of the grommet system. Although it is easy to install, you will likely need a ladder or step in order to affix to a higher window-pane. They are also made of polyester. So, even though this is going to help in blocking out more noise from outside, it is also going to get damaged or dirty, far-more easily than other material options which are available, for similar styles of curtains, which are used in noise reduction.

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The Cheapest Product: Nice Town

If you want something affordable, which will help in blocking out external noises from your home, then this might be one of the top curtains for you to consider. Blackout and noise reduction built into one set.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • They are polyester, and wide-compatibility range, allows you to install nearly anywhere.
  • They have full UV protection to keep surfaces in your home safe.
  • They are also blackout curtains, so will darken any room.

In addition to a smooth finish, the curtains will help reduce noise, and are going to help darken the home. This will help keep your home cooler, and also ensure noise levels are much lower than outside of the home, when they are installed.


The curtains are easy to care for, as polyester is easy to wash. However, it is not as durable as other materials. Additionally, it is not as thick as other materials you can find, when choosing a new set of curtains to install at home. So, they are likely to get damaged more easily, especially if you have kids or pets in the home, and you are not careful when tending to the curtains you install in the home.

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Best of the Best: Residential Accoustics

Yes, they will cost more than most other sound reduction curtains. However, this is because the quality is superior, and because they are truly going to eliminate the exterior clutter you would like to keep outside of the home.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • They are larger, and can fit larger or wider windows, with custom fit design.
  • They are thermal insulating, so help retain cool and heat, depending on outdoor weather.
  • Ease of installation and assembly, there is very little for you to do.

They are intended to help reduce noise by 70 to 90% of incoming noise to the home. This is a much higher level than other products. And, they will block out noise from further distances away from your home as well.


They are very expensive, and for some, you might choose to have them professionally installed. The fact that you are paying so much for the curtains means more care and maintenance as well. So, if you want to keep them functioning for years to come, you will have to maintain them, and you have to make sure they are operating as intended year-round.

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Utopia Bedding

Sound reduction, thermal, easy to install. These are a few of the many features you will love with these curtains. They also come in a navy finish, which goes well in many homes, and will help with blocking out sun-rays.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • The 52X63’’ size, is going to fit most traditional window frames.
  • The grommet top is very easy to install, and spaced evenly, to ensure the best finish.
  • Noise reduction as well as UV and blackout capabilities.

In addition to actually blocking the noise out of your home, the curtains are also going to help in maintaining temperatures in the home. They work quickly, evenly, and will block noise from further distances than other products will as well.


They don’t come in as many colors as other brands offer. So, if you need something that matches the décor in the home, it might be tough to find a perfect match. They aren’t as thick as other curtains, so this might also limit how much they are going to be able to do, in terms of completing blocking out certain, louder noises outside of the home.

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These curtains are intended to cover up to about 2-floor tiles. So, they are not as large as other sets, however, they do have the liner, as well as the cancellation feature, so they aren’t simply going to isolate, but will actually eliminate what you don’t want to hear.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • They also have blackout capabilities, to help with reducing sunlight in the home.
  • They are not as larger as others, so won’t take up too much room or look bulky.
  • Easy to install and care for.

The grommet top design, allows for quick and easy assembly. For those who need to fit a smaller room or space, these curtains might provide you with the affordable solution you have been looking for, to reduce noise levels in that room.


They are smaller than most curtains. So, you are going to be limited in terms of space and scope. They are better to go in a smaller room or maybe an office space, as opposed to a living room area, which requires larger window-coverage capabilities.

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  • 1. Can they block all noises?
  • Most curtains will have it labeled, what they can and can’t block. Some are designed to isolate and others to help reduce entirely. So, you have to read the label, know what they are capable of, and compare a few sets of curtains, to find the best style for use in your home.
  • 2. Are they similar to blackout curtains?
  • Yes and no. blackout curtains are meant to help darken the home, but can also provide some sound-proofing. These curtains, on the other hand, are intended specifically to help reduce or eliminate noise from outside the home entirely. They are designed with a liner, so as to help shield exterior noise, and provide an additional barrier, so the noise can’t get in the home.
  • 3. Are they costly?
  • Some of them are, while some are rather affordable. If you have them custom fitted and installed, they are likely to cost you more money than if you were to simply buy a set, and do the installation on your own in the home. Depending on budget, you can find several great sets, for a reasonable price.
  • 4. Are they easy to install?
  • Some already have the liner built-in with others you have to line it. But, they aren’t going to be too tough for you to learn how to install. They are going to come with a full set of instructions, and with most, you can find video guides or tutorials, which are going to guide you through the installation process for your new curtains as well.
  • 5. Do I need the curtains?
  • No. Like other curtains or drapes, they are optional. However, if you live in an area which is very noisy, or if you are simply the type of person who likes complete silence to go and fall asleep, then this might be a good option to consider. With several styles and fits, you can find a set of curtains for use in any home.