Best Snow Shovel

All the information you need to know when looking to buy the best snow shovel


A snow shovel, in and of itself, is a rather simple tool. You use it to shovel your driveway after winter storms. You can use it to clean out a garage, a commercial sidewalk, or the sidewalk outside your home, to prevent people from slipping on your property.

With this in mind, not all snow shovels are created equally. Some have wider-mouths, allowing you to pick up more snow, with fewer attempts. Others have electric components, which will make your job virtually standing back, and allowing the shovel to do the heavy lifting for you.

Some are rubber, others are metal, some are plastic with a wooden-handle. When choosing a snow shovel, not only should you consider material and finish, but also how sturdy the shovel is. How easy it is to shovel up the snow and toss it to a different location. These are just a few of the many aspects to consider, in choosing a snow shovel for use at home, or for use in a commercial setting, after snow-cleanup.

About Snow Shovels

Who might choose to use a snow shovel? Basically, anyone who lives in a region where snow is prevalent might eventually be tasked with snow cleanup. A shovel is the premier tool to use, if you do not have access to snow blowers, or other electrical tools which can help you remove snow in a timely fashion.

Depending on how thick the snowfall is, some materials are better than others for lifting and moving. Some shovels are lightweight and have an ergonomic grip. This not only makes it easier to shovel and lift, but actually push the snow away. Ultimately, you want something that is easy to use, easy to shovel, and easy for you to push the snow away from your door (or driveway), to an area for general cleanup.

Plow systems and push systems are also available with different snow shovels. So, depending on how much you have to move, and what distance you are going to be moving the snow, some shovels are easier to use than others. Regardless of the form or size chosen, you want a shovel which is ergonomic, easy to maneuver with, and one which won’t cause too much frost-bite, when you are out in sub-zero weather at any given point in time.




Shovel Variety



  1. Mouth - This is basically where you pick up the snow. There is a larger plow style system. These are wider, and they allow you to physically push the snow (as a lawn mower system) so you don’t physically have to lift and toss). There is also the straight shovel mouth. For smaller driveways, and little depth, this might be the superior option. Consider where you live, the amount of snowfall, and how far you have to push/move the snow.
  2. Grip - Regardless of whether you prefer wooden, plastic, or a rubber-cover grip, choose something easy to handle. Make sure it is ergonomic, you can easily put both hands around it, and that it won’t cause your hands to blister when working. Also look for something where your hands won’t slide if wet, or if you begin to sweat when doing your cleanup work.
  3. Shovel Variety - Choose a shovel which gives you options. In some instances, pushing might be the easiest route. In others, you might find a wheelbarrow system, or simply shoveling and throwing over your shoulder, is the simplest way to clean up snow. Choose a shovel which gives you more than one option for cleanup, to make your life easier when you do have to shovel snow.
  4. Strength - You don’t want a shovelhead which will break with 10-20 pounds of snow in it. So, choose something with a reinforced system. Something that can withstand high-weight capacities, and won’t compromise when you need it most. Durability and strength are extremely important, when it comes to choosing the appropriate shovel for your outdoor needs.
  5. Design - Certain manufacturers follow a specific design pattern. Some will choose the best material, others will opt for functionality. Consider what is most important to you, and compare the top-rated products, from the top manufacturers.
The Best Budget: Suncast 18''

A combination pusher and shovel, makes this an ergonomic option to consider. Depending on the amount of snow, you can either push, or shovel above-head, to clean out any passage or walkway.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • You can push with the pusher, or you can shovel if it is a small amount of snow you are tossing.
  • A rubber-grip is easy to hold onto, and you don’t have to worry about injuries when shoveling.
  • The plastic-coated head won’t damage walkways or sidewalks.

This shovel is basically two for the price of one, you can shovel or push by simply changing your grip-handle. It has a wide 18’’ base, so it will also lessen the amount of time required to complete your outdoor work.


The plastic head isn’t as durable as other material options available. The 18’’ clearance is also very wide, and won’t be easy to maneuver around tight turns or corners. You might be limited to areas you can shovel, as the head is larger than most standard shovels, so it might require use of other tools when you have to clear out snowfall.

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The Cheapest Product: Hopkins emergency shovel

A wide-mouth grip allows you to easily plow and shovel large volumes of snow quickly. It has a short grip, so you can get closer to the ground, in order to use more force, when you are shoveling larger areas.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • A wide-mouth open features a 9.5’ blade. You can collect more, with fewer shovel strokes.
  • 37’’ for extended reach. You can use more force with each shovel stroke.
  • It is ideal for emergencies. You can take it in the car easily for transport needs

It is extremely long and wide. It allows you to collect larger quantities of snow, with less effort. The grip-handle is covered with a rubber finish, so it won’t injure or blister your hands when working extensively.


The grip is very short. The actual length of the stick attached to the shovelhead, requires you to use far more force, in order to collect the snowfall, you want to push. It is also very heavy. This is going to make it very difficult for you to lift overhead, so will limit your motion to pushing, and not allow you to lift, when you are removing snow.

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Best of the Best: Power Shovel

As its name would imply, this power shovel does the work for you. You simply have to push, and it will move, and push the snow out of your way, in order to clear a path out in front of your home.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • The reputable Toro name, with a powerful built in motor.
  • 7.5 amps of power, ideal for sidewalks, or walkways, when clearing your doorway.
  • Simple, straightforward motion, making it easy, work-free, when you need to move snow.

The simple fact that it is a power shovel, is going to make your life much easier during a difficult winter. It will push the snow, and blow it away from you, clearing out passages for accessibility around your home.


It does blow the snow back towards you. So, snow might contact your body, making the job messy and cold. It is also limited in direction of mobility. So, you don’t have as much flexibility as with a manual tool. It does work faster, but this does not mean it is more efficient, especially if you do not know what you are doing.

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Snow Joe

With an indestructible shovel-head, this is the perfect tool for sidewalks and cement paving. It has a large 20’’ shovel width, which makes it easy to clear more snow, in shorter periods of time.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • Polycarbonate head. It won’t crack, shatter, or break. It is warranted for life.
  • A large 20’’ head. This will make pushing, or shoveling, simple for most users.
  • The non-stick blade won’t get stuck on ice, or when weather extremes occur outside.

The shatter-proof head of the shovel is a great feature. You won’t be replacing this annually, or every few years, as with previous shovels you’ve owned. You can also push, plough, or shovel above-head, making your life easier when working in extreme weather conditions.


The shovelhead is a bit wide for some areas. So, tighter or thinner driveways, might be difficult to work around. The shovel doesn’t feature an ergonomic grip either. It is a rubber base, but is flat in design, so it might become a bit uncomfortable if you are working for extended periods of time, or moving plenty of snow at once.

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Easy Go Auger

Twist, plough, push, or shovel. It is up to you with this distinct shovelhead design. A built-in auger system will help you push, and work through thicker plots of snow, with less stress.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • A built-in auger. It will twist, pushing snow more efficiently, so you don’t work as hard.
  • It allows you to push, pull, or shovel above-head if you desire.
  • It has an ergonomic-grip handle. Even working for longer durations, won’t cause cramps or pain.

The unique auger-system is distinct, and will help you work more efficiently. It won’t get stuck over ice, or thick plots of snow, and will make pushing snow, in larger areas, much quicker for most users.


It does have a rather narrow base. It can only collect up to 4’’ of snow at a time. So, even though you are moving faster, you are not moving far, when using this system. It is efficient, but might slow down some individuals who aren’t familiar with the system. The rubber base isn’t as sturdy as other material frames, so may crack or shatter with over or extended use in some snowy conditions.

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  • 1. How often will I use the shovel?
  • Obviously, this greatly depends on how much it snows. But, you want a shovel which is quick, efficient, and one which will allow you to maximize your efforts, with as little exertion as possible in the sub-zero temperatures you are working in.
  • 2. Which type of grip is best?
  • Again, this is personal preference. If you want a rubber-grip for softer handling, or if you prefer a wooden-grip for durability, is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that you will probably wear gloves, so choose a grip which is easy to handle, and one you can comfortably hold onto, when you are shoveling for extended periods of time.
  • 3. How much weight will it hold?
  • This is probably more of an issue in commercial settings. But, make sure you choose a sturdy shovel. Don’t choose one that is going to break if you have 50-pounds of snow sitting in it. Look for durability, and choose something that is capable of withstanding higher weight amounts. Especially if you shovel frequently in the region where you live.
  • 4. Can I use the shovel simultaneously with a blower?
  • Yes. But a blower might eliminate the need for a shovel. However, in some areas, where you need the shovel, the snow blower can help clear passages, making it easier for access, and for you to easily push or move the snow.
  • 5. What material should I choose for the shovel-head?
  • Plastic won’t damage sidewalks, but not might be as strong. Metal might be too tough, but damage items you can’t see. Regardless of what you choose, consider all details, what is below the snow, and whether or not you can shovel on those surfaces safely with the material chosen.