Best Sewing Basket

All the information you need to know when looking to buy the best sewing basket


For those who sew, you probably know how hard it is to find items if you don’t have a sewing basket. Not only for you to store those spools, lines, thread, and supplies, but also so you can lock it away, and keep the kids out of your sewing supplies when they aren’t in use.

A sewing basket is a great way for you to keep track of what you have and are running out of. It is a simple way to organize all the sewing supplies you use, based upon the type of sewing you are going to do. And, it is simply a way to keep your home and sewing area tidy, no matter what you are working on with your supplies.

About Sewing Baskets

A sewing basket can be used by anyone who sews. On a commercial-scale, there are huge sewing baskets with compartments, and internal separators, so you can easily keep things organized and where they have to be at all times. If you have a smaller basket, for use at home, this will allow you to keep everything in one place, so you always will know where things are, when you need to use them.

A sewing basket can come in many varieties. It can be a simple basket design, which zippers opened and closed when not in use. Or, it can have many different compartments. For your lines, threads, spools, and other accessories you are going to keep in it. Complexity, size, and the arrangement, are all different, depending upon the sewing basket you choose to use.

When deciding on a sewing basket, ease of access is key. You want to know where things are, so you aren’t searching around aimlessly when working quickly. You want organization, you want space, and you want something sturdy. You have several options to consider when choosing a sewing basket, so consider a few of these features to find the best one, for your sewing needs.



Line separation




  1. Compartments - Look for a basket with compartments for items. An area which is dedicated for each of the items you are going to be storing in the basket. This makes it neater, easier to find things, and you can easily see when you are running low on supplies, which will allow you to replenish them prior to running out of a particular item.
  2. Line separation - This is more so if you have various colored lines for sewing. You want something which you can compartmentalize the lines, and easily see which color goes where, so you can store them neatly and in a dedicated place. Compare different interior capacities, to find one which makes most sense to you when sewing.
  3. Finish/material - There’s the traditional wicker-basket, or there is a nylon/cloth material finish. Depending on where you plan on using the basket, you should consider all material options. Not only to find something easy for storage, but also so you can avoid tearing or ripping it, especially when dealing with scissors and sewing needles.
  4. Size - Depending on if it is used in commercial or smaller-scale jobs, you will need different interior storage capacities. So, compare this, find what works for you, and find the basket which is going to afford you the most space, to keep things neat and organized, based upon what items you use most when you do sew.
  5. Durability - You want something rugged, easy to work with, easy to clean, and something which won’t tear or break easily. Sharp objects, and the fact that you are carrying this around tirelessly, means you need something sturdy and durable. Consider this when choosing a basket, and take the time to compare some of the best options available for you.
The Best Budget: Singer

As a leading name in sewing machines, you can expect quality from the sewing basket as well. A vintage-inspired design, features unique exterior detail work, and it has a basket-handle which swings back and forth for you to carry it.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • You receive 10 needles, 100 dressmaker pins, and 10 mini spools to get you started with the basket.
  • A collapsible handle for you to store it away neatly.
  • Pin cushions and seam rip repair materials, are also included in the basket.

A vintage-look and feel, gives it a distinct finish. The nylon/cloth finish is also durable, and it won’t get torn or damaged with needles. It is easy to clean, and has internal storage sections for all your sewing supplies and items you will need.


It is geared towards the beginner sewer. So, the basket is a bit smaller, and it has a little less interior storage space than other baskets. Additionally, it will come with a few items for you to begin right away, but if you are a more advanced sewer, this might not have all you are looking for to work with.

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The Cheapest Product: Singer

This basket is also designed by Singer. It is a bit smaller in size, and it has a polka-dot exterior design, so you can easily differentiate your sewing basket, from others, if you are working with others in a room/setting.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • It has interior storage compartments so you can find what you need quickly.
  • The collapsible handle. So, you can easily store it away when it is not in use.
  • A compact design is shorter, so it is not going to take up too much room when stored.

The design is simple, and it allows you to clearly see what you need, when you need it. With individual storage trays, you aren’t aimlessly working to find items. A compact design makes it highly transportable, to work from anywhere.


This basket is also intended for the beginner or novice. You do receive a few needles, spools, and seam repair tape, but nothing for the advanced sewer is going to come with the basket. It is also smaller/shorter, so you are limited in what you can store, and how much internal space you have to work with.

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Best of the Best: Saint Jane

An oval shape, is not only going to give you more interior space, it is also a bit taller than square boxes. So, you can store away several small items in your sewing basket. It also has a collapsible handle you can fold, when not in use, for storage.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • It has a reinforced interior storage space, with bin compartments, for easy access to items.
  • A nylon/cloth finish is easy to keep clean, and won’t get damaged easily.
  • Color coordinated handles, so your basket matches with the exterior print.

The basket has a large interior capacity, and easily allows you to store items neatly. There are small compartments, for every and any item you might need when working. A lift-tray also gives you a second-layer or interior storage when working with your basket.


A metal handle with wood trim isn’t as durable/stury as other materials. So, this basket isn’t built to last for several years of use. it also has a distinct shape, so in some areas, you are going to be limited in the amount of items you can put in the basket, with the limited interior storage capacity which is present.

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A cute exterior has owl-pattern design, which truly sets your sewing basket apart from the rest. The fabric is easy to care for, so you don’t have to worry about damage or dirtying it when you purchase this basket.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • A 41-piece starter kit. You will receive a few items to get you started with sewing.
  • The unique design allows you to easily differentiate your basket from others.
  • Exterior cloth is easy to care for and clean.

The taller shape allows you to store more internally. It also has a few small compartment areas inside the basket. So, you can keep small items in their place, and will always know what you have, and what you need to replenish in your sewing basket.


A plastic latch and handle are not as sturdy as other material finishes. And, with the taller exterior, you are limited in width when starting items in the sewing basket. This is also a basket which is intended for beginners. It comes with a few items, however, for the advanced sewer, you will find it is not going to include any of the supplies you might need when sewing.

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For those who want something which actually mimics the appearance of a wicker basket, this is what you will receive with this sewing basket. It is compact, easy to carry, and has plenty of space for smaller items.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • A complete sewing kit is included, which includes 20 ribbons, threads, scissors, and measuring tape.
  • Foldable handle so you can easily store it away when it is not in use.
  • A fully closed lid design, so you can lock and secure belongings, so the kids won’t get into the basket.

The design is unique, and you can choose from several cloth color finishes on the exterior. With removable plastic trays, you can choose how to store, and where to keep small items, for optimal mobility and organization within. - A fully closed lid design, so you can lock and secure belongings, so the kids won’t get into the basket.


The interior capacity for storage is a bit limited. You do have movable trays which is a nice feature. However, there is little room above or below the trays, once you fit them in the basket. If you need a higher interior capacity for storing sewing supplies and accessories, this basket is not as large as others which you can buy for storage.

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  • 1. How big are sewing baskets?
  • It really depends on what you want and need. You can find something as small as 12’’ X 24’’, or items which are much larger, for commercial sewers. Depending on the amount of space you need, there are many great baskets you can choose from.
  • 2. What material should I choose?
  • You want something sturdy and durable. Therefore, a nylon, D600, or similar fabric, is a good option to consider when buying a sewing basket. These items will not tear easily, they are easily cared for, and you can clean them by simply wiping a damp cloth on the interior and exterior when it is needed.
  • 3. Do they have storage separators?
  • Yes. Most baskets will have separators of some kind. Since you are storing several, small items, and are storing different supplies, you want a dedicated space for these items. So, consider the sewing basket which is going to afford you with more storage space, and easier way to keep things organized and in order.
  • 4. Do they lock?
  • This is a nice feature if you have kids. Many will have a lock and key set, others are not going to incorporate this feature. If this is something you want, you will pay a higher price for it, and you will have to compare several baskets in order to find the feature. But, there are a few which do have a lock, or some way for you to secure the items inside of the basket, when you are not using it to sew.
  • 5. How much are baskets?
  • Like anything else, price is dependent on the quality and material. So, you have to consider all aspects, features, design, and size, so you can find the best deal, when you are ready to buy a new sewing basket. There are several to choose from, and many different storage varieties you can consider. Only by taking the time to compare the features, capacity, and interior compartments, are you going to find the best sewing basket, and are you going to find the lowest price for it as well.