Best Saute Pan

All the information you need to know when looking to buy the best saute pan


For those who enjoy cooking, you know a sauté pan can easily improve many of the dishes you prepare. Even if you aren’t great with ingredients or in following a list of directions, the right pan will help you prepare the meals properly, avoid foods getting stuck and burnt onto the pan, and will also allow you to sauté, to the desired texture/preparation.

When choosing a pan, not only do you want something that is well-made, with high-quality material finish, but something that can withstand high heats as well. It should work with gas or electric tops, and should be able to hold large capacities of foods you are going to prepare in it.

About Saute Pans

A sauté pan can be used by virtually anybody. So, who would invest in one? If you cook often, and want to follow directions specifically, you might want to invest in a pan. If you prepare specific dishes, which require you to sauté foods in a particular manner, you might also choose to invest in this pan. Or, if you work in a commercial capacity, and need the best pots and pans, you might also choose to purchase one. Nearly anyone can benefit from owning a sauté pan.

They are used, as the namesake indicates, to sauté foods. This is a manner in which you prepare the meal. When you use this approach, you allow foods to sit at a particular temperature, for the juices and sauces to mix with the meal you are preparing, and to marinate for longer periods of time, to achieve a desired texture and taste.

Obviously, the pans come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the material, the size, and the quality (enamel, cast-iron, etc.), the price you are going to pay will greatly differ from one to the next. Further, if you buy it with a set of pans, you are likely going to find cheaper prices for the pans, than buying them individually.





Interior Coating

Interior Control

  1. Finish - The pan should be coated. This not only prevents the foods from sticking onto the bottom, it also ensures it won’t burn easily on higher heats and settings. So, if you accidentally leave the pan on a burner, which is at 250 degrees F, you don’t have to worry about it burning. Look for high quality finishes and materials.
  2. Lightweight - Today even cast-iron skillets are lighter in weight than they were in the past. And no, this doesn’t indicate poor quality or craftsmanship. More manufacturers are taking this approach in designing these products. They are more ergonomic, easier to work with, and make food-prep far easier for the cook. So, look for lighter weights, and understand this doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a great quality pan.
  3. Sizing - Keep in mind that a sauté pan can come in various sizes. Depending on if you are making a pasta dish or a chicken based dish, the size of the pan you might need will differ. So, it might be worth investing in a set, which comes with a few different sizes. This not only ensures you get various pans you’ll use, but also the right one, for any and every dish you are going to prepare using that pan.
  4. Interior Coating - Look for something that is non-stick, or has a coating. This not only prevents the scratching and damage to the interior portion of the pan, it is also an easy way to ensure your foods don’t burn and stick onto the bottom. When you sauté, you sometimes allow a dish to brown. Therefore, you don’t want it stuck at the bottom of your pan in 2-minutes. So, go with a non-stick coating, to prevent this from happening.
  5. Interior Control - Have you ever seen that little red dot in the center of a pan? This indicates temperatures, and higher temperature capabilities. When you sauté foods, this is a nice feature to look for when choosing the right pan for cooking your foods. Most pans have them, but some don’t, so consider choosing those which do, when you are investing in quality pot and pan sets.
The Best Budget: Cooksmark

At 10’’, the pan is large, it is made of a copper finish for durability, and it also has the non-stick factor. So, your foods come out clean, evenly-prepared, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your pan.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • A large 10’’ interior cooking space, so you can make more dishes, with one pan.
  • A copper-finish. It is durable, won’t scratch, and is heat -resistant.
  • It is a multi-purpose pan. For frying, sautéing, or otherwise preparing dishes.

The pan has a large size cooking space, so you can do more, with a single pan. Foods will not stick to the bottom, and it has a heat-resistant exterior, so you won’t burn your hands as easily as with other pans.


It is copper, so this might result in chipping or cracking. Over time, this can also lead to the interior portion and external surfaces, to begin to fade, or peel. This can become dangerous if you do not replace the pans often enough, as you might experience a faint taste of metal, if peeling or chipping does occur, in the interior portion of the pan.

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The Cheapest Product: Gibson Home

For the price point, you are not going to find many pans of this quality. It is easy for you to prepare meals, it has a rubber grip handle, and a 3.5-quart size, is sufficient for most dishes you prepare.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • A rubber-grip, which ensures you won’t burn your hands.
  • A plastic-cover, so you can see through, and can also maintain heat levels and moisture.
  • A green, ceramic, non-stick interior, prevents burning foods

Easy and functional, with a rubber-grip, and convenient non-stick interior. Ceramic interior, isn’t prone to chipping, cracking, or peeling. It can maintain even heat levels throughout the pan, and heats up quickly.


With this pan, uneven cooking might occur. The ceramic interior is a bit thicker, so the center of the pan might take a bit longer than thinner portions, to heat up. Therefore, prior to removing poultry, or other items which have to be thoroughly prepared and cooked, you do have to make sure you have allowed sufficient time for the meal prep, and ensure the foods are cooked entirely throughout the center, prior to consuming the dish.

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Best of the Best: Emeril

You can buy it as a part of a set, or you can get this pan on its own. And, from one of the most recognized names in cooking, and in TV cooking personalities, you know you are getting a well-made pan.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • A 5-quart capacity, with fully encapsulated exterior. It is durable, and solidly built.
  • It is dishwasher safe, and will not chip or peel if you don’t wash by hand.
  • It has non-stick coating, so you don’t have to worry about burning or stuck-on foods.

The pan is a larger capacity size than other similar pans. It has an integrated pour spout, so you can easily see what you are doing, and pour out the contents as you are preparing a dish to exact specifications.


It is a stainless-steel exterior and interior. So, it is going to become hot, very quickly. It can possibly burn you, or children, if you are not careful and watching what you are doing. It is also a very high-priced pan. You can get comparable pans, for ½ of the price, if not lower, if you purchase them in a set.

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Cuisinart Elements

With a bright-red, highly visible exterior, this pan won’t get lost, and is easy to see in any kitchen. Add in the ceramic interior, and non-stick coating, and you have the perfect pan for meal preparation.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • A trusted name in Cuisinart, so you know it is high-quality, well-made throughout.
  • It has a ceramic interior. It won’t stick, nor will it chip or crack as easily as other materials.
  • It is highly heat-resistant. It can withstand high temperatures, and will not burn throughout.

The pan is a larger interior capacity space. You can prepare more dishes, in less time, and even heat distribution guarantees that any meal you are preparing, is properly cooked, to the desired internal temperature.


The pan is petroleum free, however it has not undergone additional testing for specifications and safety standards. It also has a 35.5 quart-capacity. Although it is fairly large, you can find similar sized pans, and larger pans, for a lower price than this one. The red coating, is also made with a paint finish, so it can possibly chip, and this can lead to paint getting into the pan.

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T-Fal Professional

A trusted name-brand, high-quality finish, and the ideally sized pan, make this a great find. And, for a low price, you will find it is going to do the job quickly and easily, for a price which is lower than other top name-brand products.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • A non-stick interior coating, helps prevent sticking, and evenly cook foods.
  • It is heat resistant, and it can withstand very high heat levels.
  • It has a rubber-grip handle, so it is safer and won’t burn users easily.

A 12.5’’ size, is very usable, and can help you in the preparation of many dishes in the kitchen. The prometal finish, has a non-stick interior, so you don’t need to cook with as much grease or oil, in order to prevent foods from sticking.


The stainless-steel interior disk can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees F. Although this is going to help prevent burning, it is also going to collect heat quickly. This in turn means, you can easily burn yourself, if you are not careful when working with this pan, or if the kids are around and you aren’t watching over them.

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  • 1. Do I need a saute pan?
  • No. But, if you plan on sautéing foods, preparing them in a certain manner, or simply want a complete set of pots and pans to have for use at home, it is worth investing in. And, it is also a pan you are going to use often, and can use to prepare many dishes, so it is worth investing in.
  • 2. Why buy nonstick?
  • It might cost a little more, but is well worth paying for. With a non-stick coating, foods won’t get stuck to the bottom. There is no dark black burnt mark on your pan, and your foods aren’t going to taste burnt if you leave it in the pan for 1-minute too long. It helps preserve the pan, and also helps you save dishes you would otherwise have ruined.
  • 3. What material should I choose?
  • It depends on budget. Iron, cast-iron, enamel, stainless-steel, and aluminum, are a few options available to you. Compare a few sets, see what works for you and see which ones will fit your budget. From there, choose the best quality, for the price you can afford to pay.
  • 4. Is there more than one sized pan?
  • Yes. Like nearly any other pan you can purchase, you can find a 5’’ sauté pan, or a 10’’ sauté pan. It depends on the dishes you are preparing, what you use the pans for, and obviously how much you want to pay for the pan, as to the sizing you will choose.
  • 5. Is aluminum safe?
  • It isn’t the best quality, but today, companies must adhere to safety standards when manufacturing the pans. So, dangerous or harmful items which were previously used, aren’t as widely used anymore, so it should be safe to purchase these pans.