Best Neck Heating Pad

All the information you need to know when buying the best neck heating pad


If you have or are experiencing neck pain, you know all too well how much it is going to limit you. Not only your ability to move, but your ability to sit, lay, or even stand up without feeling pain. Far yet, some may suffer from headaches which stem from that neck pain. This is where a heating pad might come in handy to help alleviate the pain.

Not all heating pads are created equally. Some are electric, some work upon application, and some are activated by thermacare or other medication based treatment. Further, some are obviously far more powerful, and produce higher levels of heat, to the area where you are most suffering from and feeling the pain.

So, in choosing a heating pad, you don’t want to go with any generic option out there. You need to shop, compare, and find one which is intended for you, the level of pain you suffer, and the cause of your pain. This is why we've compiled a list of what we believe to be the best money can buy, the cheapest, and the best budget neck heating wraps available.

About neck heating pads

A neck heating pad is for neck pain; you don’t want to buy a general heating pad. A neck pad is ideal for fitting to your neck. Not only does it conform over the shoulder, and around the neck, it will also help you in treating and pinpointing the heat therapy, to a specific area where you are most feeling the pain.

Anyone can use a neck heating pad. If you are suffering from pain, if you are undergoing a particular treatment, or if you simply wish to avoid pain after a workout, it is beneficial to use. Depending on the type of pain, and where exactly it falls, the type of heating pad you are going to choose may vary in each case. So, it is best to compare a few prior to choosing one for personal use.


Heat levels





  1. Heat levels – This not only refers to how many settings, but how hot it gets, and how you can adjust the heat settings. You don’t want something so hot it is going to burn your skin, or a pad which isn’t hot enough and won’t treat your pain. So, you have to find the balance. Consider pads which modify or adjust, or those which allow you to adjust heat levels, based on personal needs.
  2. Use – Is it intended for therapy? For headache relief? To help with muscle or joint pain? There are products which are specifically geared towards treating a particular pain or discomfort. So, look for this when you are choosing the heating pads. Not only so you find the one which will help your pain level, but one which is intended to treat the pain you are suffering from as well.
  3. Adjustment – Even with a disposable heating pad, there are some which allow you to adjust the settings or heat levels. Obviously, those which you plug in and reuse, offer more features. So, depending on how often you will use it, and what the desired levels of heat are, there are many heating pads you might choose to incorporate, in order to help alleviate pain and treat discomfort.
  4. Size/fit – You want to choose something that fits you. It is best to buy a heating pad which is intended for use on the neck. Not only to treat that pain, but also to ensure it is going to fit comfortably and won’t burn you when you put it on. The more specific it is, the more it is going to target the areas and level of pain you are suffering.
  5. Style – Whether you prefer a disposable pad or one you can plug and reuse, there are many varieties. So, compare several, read reviews, find out how thy work, and if they deliver any other benefits other than pain relief. All of this will help guide you when choosing a heating pad, and finding the one which will deliver the best results in treating your pain.
The Best Budget: Therapaq

For constant heat relief, this is a great neck pad to consider. It conforms to your neck and shoulder area, it can work for moist heat relief, and it can also be used in conjunction with cold-pack treatment for pain.

Some features include:

  • It helps to relax muscles and sooth discomfort and pain.
  • It pinpoints areas of the neck where you carry around the most tension.
  • It can be used with a cold-pack, for hot and cold treatment therapies.

The heat pack is light, it can work on knotted muscles, it can help alleviate stress, or it can be used to target a specific area or injury you are treating. It can be used by anyone, to treat various conditions or injuries.


The heat pad is smaller than other varieties. It can be used in treating different levels and types of pain, however, it is limited to treating shoulder and neck discomfort. It is not medicated, nor can it be used in conjunction with medicated patches, which similar products can. It is limited to single treatments, and has a small interior liner, for heating or freeze treatment needs.

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The Cheapest Product: My Heating Pad's Neck & Body Wrap

If you are looking for something small and portable, then this is it. You can easily carry it around with you anywhere, and you can use it to treat pain and discomfort, nearly anywhere and at any time.

Some of the features of this pad include:

  • The portability and the lightweight design.
  • It has a carry handle, so you can bring it with you anywhere.
  • It has small individual compartments, so you can fold or leave it open for pain treatment.

It is very small and it can be used in specific pain-targeted treatments. It is very affordable, and it has a removable interior heating element, which can also be used for freezing, and cold treatments for pain relief as well.


The exterior surface is not as sturdy as other heating pads. Because you pay a lower price, the quality is not as high either. You can use the pad on other areas of the body as well. So, it is not specifically intended for treating your neck pain. This might make it a little less effective than other heat pads, if you are looking for targeted relief, for your neck pain.

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Best of the Best: Dr. Bobs Neck Wrap Heating Pad

This heat wrap goes around your neck. It is ideal for those who want to pinpoint relief. As you can wrap it, it will ideally conform to your neck, your shoulder area, and will help provide instant heat therapy and relief.

Some of the features include:

  • It is specific for neck pain. It is a wrap, so you place it where you feel the pain.
  • It is designed by a doctor, so pain-relief therapy is a leading consideration in design.
  • It can fit any body, and any level of pain. You simply wrap and choose the heat level setting.

The design is ideal for your neck and should relief. Since you choose the placement, and position it goes around your neck, you are in full control of how much heat release, and how much pain relief you will experience when using the neck pad.


Like other heating pads, it is limited in what it will do. It is not going to treat a condition and for chronic pain sufferers, it might not be exactly what you are looking for. Minor pain relief, and control are what should be expected by users.

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Sunny Bay Extra Long Heating Neck Wrap

This is a heat wrap which you can use for neck pain relief. It is not designed only for neck pain, however, the shape and design, does allow you to contour to your neck and shoulder area, to treat the areas where you feel most pain.

Some features of this pad are:

  • The contour wrap design. It works quickly and easily, and you can target an area.
  • The ergonomic wrap is intended to stay on tight, to avoid movement.
  • Comfortable cloth finish, is going to keep you feeling comfortable at all times during treatment.

The design is ideal for neck pain. You can wrap or place it on your shoulders and neck. So, you are in complete control of placement, and how it will conform to the areas which you want to treat most.


The design might not work for all. It can also get very hot, especially with the cotton exterior surface. It might also slip or move when worn. So, you might have to clamp it down, or put something on top of the pad, in order to keep it from moving when worn for your treatment.

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Huggaroo Neck Wrap

This wrap will hug your neck and shoulder area, so it can pinpoint the treatment to your specific pain, and level of pain which you are experiencing. It is soft, for a comfortable fit for extended periods of use as well.

Some features of this wrap include:

  • The ability to conform for your needs. You adjust as needed, to fit your body.
  • It can help with general pain, as well as conditions like arthritis.
  • Heat levels can easily be adjusted, to meet your standards and needs in treating your pain.

Comfortable, unique shape, and the ability to place how you deem fit. Tension, muscle strain, pressure on the joints. These are a few of the many forms of pain relief you will experience with this pad.


Pain relief might be limited to the times when it is worn. If you have chronic pain or conditions, it might not offer pain relief you seek. And, if you want constant pain relief, or if you are looking for a medicated form of treatment to alleviate your pain, this is not going to afford you the relief which you seek, in alleviating your neck and shoulder pain.

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  • 1. Are all heating pads the same?
  • No. And, you should buy one which is intended to treat neck pain. Not only does it pinpoint heat therapy to your neck, it is also going to help you with other conditions or discomfort you are suffering from. The more targeted the heat therapy is, the better the results are going to be when you are trying to treat that pain you are suffering from.
  • 2. How much are neck heating pads?
  • It depends. Electric and reusable pads are usually costlier. The disposable ones are cheaper but you obviously have to continually buy them. The best option is to compare several, to find one which works for you, at a reasonable price.
  • 3. Medicated pads?
  • If you’ve ever seen thermacare or other medicated pads, these can work for certain types of pain. It is best to discuss this with a doctor prior to use. However, if you have constant or chronic back and neck pain, then this might be what is going to improve it, and finally help alleviate your discomfort for good.
  • 4. Should I buy brand name?
  • Yes, they are typically better. This is even more so the case if you buy a reusable, electric heat pad. It will last longer, work better, deliver targeted relief, and it is going to do what it is intended to do in treating your back pain. It is worth investing more, as it is also going to last longer than a generic product will.
  • 5. Why do I need the neck pad?
  • If you suffer from chronic pain, a constant injury, or if you simply can’t alleviate tension and stress, it might do the trick. A heat pad can do wonders, for many people, and different conditions or pain they suffer from. You might want to discuss with your doctor as well, if it is a first-time use, or if you aren’t sure of the benefits it will promote.