Best Hunting Blind

All the information you need to know when looking to buy the best hunting blind


Portable hunting blinds are the perfect way to hide yourself, while remaining in close view of your catch-target. As the name implies, the hunting blind is going to make you “blind” to animals you are trying to hunt. You are going to blend in with the surrounding areas, so you can easily see the targets, but they can’t see you, making the chances of a capture, far higher for you when out in the wilderness.

Not all hunting blinds are as durable as others. Some are easier to spot. And, with some, even the slightest of movements is going to tip you off, when all the conditions were right for a catch. So, before you choose a hunting blind, you should consider the level of visibility, ease of blending in, ease of setting up, and other variables, so you find the perfect one for the areas you go hunting in.

Who would want to use a hunting blind? Nearly any hunter can benefit from using them. They simply help you blend in, allowing you to see the prey you are trying to capture, and camouflaging you, so they can’t see you.

About Hunting Blinds

Hunting blinds are easy to set up, they are easy to use, and in the perfect conditions, they are very easy to help you blend in, so animals can’t see you when you go hunting. They mimic simple pop-up tent designs. Some have mesh netting on top, others have leaves which blend in with trees in the wild, and others are simply different colors, so you can’t be seen wherever you set up your tent, when going camping.

Of course, some are larger than others, more ornate, or do a better job hiding you away when you don’t want to be seen. So, prior to choosing a hunting blind, you should consider several options, to ensure you find the right one when you go out hunting. Before choosing the cheapest one you can find, consider a few of these factors to find the right fit.




Steel Frame



  1. Portability - Remember, you are using this in various locations. And, during some hunting trips, you might set up camp in various locations. So, you want a hunting blind which is easy to transport, take down, set up, and one which is light in weight, so you aren’t lugging around something huge, to every camping trip you take it on.
  2. Blindness - You want a tent which truly blinds you to larger game, and animals you are hunting. So, a tent which will help you blend in with the trees, surrounding wilderness, foliage, and outdoor settings you are in. The more it can blind you, or blend you in with your surroundings, the better it is.
  3. Steel Frame - This is truly a personal choice. Both are quite sturdy and will withstand weather conditions and extremes quite well. So, a steel spring is easy to pop open and to close. It is also easy to store. A frame might be a little sturdier, however it requires more work at the camp site upon arrival and to take it down. Depending on your personal preference, and where you plan on setting it up (space restriction), one might be a superior alternate to the other, but both are durable.
  4. Window - You don’t want to run out to shoot your target, they are going to see you and run. So, the blind tent should have a window/hole where you can target your prey from. Not only will this make it easier for you to target and take aim, it is also going to eliminate the possibility that you will spook or scare an animal, and lose the opportunity to even take a shot when trying to capture them.
  5. Camo - This is a biggie as well. It has to blend in well. If It is too light, too dark, or if it appears artificial, the hunting blind is not going to do anything, nor is it going to benefit you when you go out hunting and set it up. So, make sure it is highly blended in, that it can acclimate to any area where you choose to set it up in, and make sure that you won’t be moving or easy to spot, in the event your target gets too close to your hunting blind in the open.
The Best Budget: Ameristep Care

Camo blending in at its finest. No animal is going to be able to tell the difference between your hunting blind, and the foliage and trees where you choose to set it up in, and other hunters will (to avoid dangers).

Some of the features of this product include:

  • It is 66’’ tall, so it affords sufficient head-room for most to sleep in comfortably.
  • Highly mobile, it is light in weight, and easy to set up on sites.
  • A 69’’ shooting width gives you great clearance and visibility.

The tent is quick and easy to pop up and set up on any camping grounds. It is highly camouflage, easy to conceal, and a great shooting width window, allows even beginners to get a clear look and a good shot.


It is a bit shorter than many other hunting blinds. So, if you are taller, it is not going to give you much clearance room to stand up in. And, if you are looking for something that is very sturdy, and gives you room to move, it is a bit tighter than other tents you can find for a similar price.

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The Cheapest Product: Evolved Ingenuity

This features a dome-top, so it curves into the tent. It has vented mesh panels, so even in warmer conditions, you are going to remain cool, and keep a cool-head, when you are trying to catch your prey.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • A 60’’ shooter window. You have enough room to move and go after your target.
  • It is wide, so more than one individual can occupy the tent comfortably.
  • A 66’’ in height, so it is enough room for sleeping/stooping in.

It has mesh panels, which you can zip open or close. This is for improved airflow, and for you to easily keep an eye on your target, and avoid too much noise or movement, which might scare them off otherwise.


Again, the height is not ideal for a taller user. It is okay to lay down to sleep, and when stooping, but might be a bit too short for most to stand in. The tent is also on the cheaper price end, so the material finish is not as durable as others, meaning you may have to replace the hunting blind more often if used frequently.

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Best of the Best: Baronet

If you seek large, luxury, and comfort when you go camping, look no further. And, obviously if you want great camo coverage, you are going to get just that when you set this tent up in an outdoor area.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • 41.5 sq.ft. footprint, gives more mobility and room, to help you capture your target.
  • Exceptional poly-finish, is durable, and can withstand weather extremes.
  • 96’’ across the hub, gives you more elbow-room, and far more space to shoot.

The hunting blind is extremely easy to blend in anywhere and hide you away in the open. You have 9 large windows to work with, for a panoramic view, and to have more than one shooting point from which to work from as well.


The higher price is usually what comes along with the larger, higher-quality hunting blinds you are going to purchase. So, if you are on a budget, it might be tough to invest in this tent. The space is also extremely large, so with too many people hunting with you, this might tip off nearby hunters or even animals, which you are trying to hide away from.

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Big Cat

Large, camo, easy to conceal. These are a few of the many great design features of this hunting blind, which any outdoor enthusiast is sure to enjoy. It is 80’’ tall, so gives more than enough head-room for even the taller members in your group.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • 70X70’’ footprint, gives you more room to work, and more opportunities to capture your target.
  • It is only 19 pounds in weight, so if you camp often and on different sites, it won’t weigh you down either.
  • It is 90’’ across, giving room to more than one hunter.

Lightweight, optimal design, high-quality finish, and highly concealed design, are among the features which sell this blind to most hunters. It is also easy to set up, and offers a very large coverage perimeter.


Again, a higher price-point than most other hunting blinds, is an aspect which many will consider when choosing a hunting blind. It is lighter in weight, which also means you need more force to keep it down and to keep it grounded, so it might not be as durable or sturdy as other material options available.

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Ameristep Deluxe

This hunting blind is not only easy to conceal, it is easy to set up even in the tightest of spaces. A rounded, or dome-like shape, allow up to two individuals to occupy the tent, and work around the surroundings they are in.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • 61” high and 21” wide, gives you sufficient room to move around in, even with two occupants in it.
  • Easy to set up and zipper up, so it is highly transportable and mobile to different sites.
  • Durable, poly-blend exterior finish, so it won’t get damaged by wind, hail, or other extreme conditions easily.

The tent is a pop-up style, making it easy to set up and to take down. It has a unique shape, for optimal mobility and ease of hunting. It is going to blend in well, as it is highly camouflaged, so can’t be seen in lush environments.


It is a bit narrow for two larger individuals. The rounded-design will limit movement, and it might cause too much noise in some areas, which is going to make it likely that animals or other hunters can possibly hear you when they are nearby.

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  • 1. Do I need a hunting blind?
  • No. But, if you are new to hunting, or if you are an expert, and know exactly how to set one up, it will truly benefit you. It can help you blend in, cover you up, and allow you to see your hunt-target, without them seeing you.
  • 2. Are they comfortable?
  • Most are set up in a manner which is similar to a pop-up tent. However, some are larger, have roomier interiors, or other features, which will make them ideal for camping a few nights, in high-comfort settings.
  • 3. Are there different materials?
  • Yes. A hunting blind can be purchased in different poly-blends, polyester, nylon, or similar materials, which are used in camping tents. Depending on the price, and the features you are looking for, some have additional design features, and are made of higher quality materials or fabric blends as well.
  • 4. How much are they?
  • This depends on the one you purchase, where you buy it, and the design/detail elements. It will also depend on the size, interior features, and of course the different features which are going to make it easier for you to hunt your prey, regardless of the target-animal you are after.
  • 5. Where would you use hunting blinds?
  • Anywhere you could otherwise be spotted in a traditional tent. If you are camping in highly-wooded areas, a hunting blind can be beneficial. Also, in green, or dark-browns, there are hunting blinds which will blend in with the leaves and trees, so you are hidden from animals.