Best Go Pro Stabilizers

All the information you need to know when buying the best Go Pro Stabilizer


A Go-pro is the perfect camera for the outdoor enthusiast. If you travel often, if you like to capture fun videos of you doing crazy things, or if you simply want something that is shock, water, and weather proof, then you have found it in the Go-pro.

But, when you are moving so much, so is your camera. This is where the stabilizer is going to come into place. It is not only going to affix the Go-pro to your helmet, or other surface, it allows you to do more, capture more, and compile greater videos, whilst keeping the camera steady and focused.

As a vital accessory for any Go-Pro fan, we felt it prudent to provide a list of the best stabilizers available. We also included the best budget option and the overall cheapest go pro stabilizer currently available.

Who would use the stabilizer? Nearly any owner of this camera. It is not only efficient, and allows you to do more, without limiting quality, it is also going to free up your hands. So, you can actually fully enjoy the sports or activities, without having to worry about dropping your camera while doing it.

About go pro stabilizers

The Go-pro stabilizer is intended to do what the name tells you. It will keep your camera stable, so that you can fully utilize both hands, and not compromise on the video you are capturing, when engaged, in any type of activity. Of course, there are many stabilizers you can purchase for use with the camera, so you want the best.

Depending on how you will use the camera, what type of activity you are engaged in, and where you plan on using it, there are several different options you can choose when purchasing a stabilizer. Obviously, your budget, and the series of the camera you own, will also dictate which one you are going to buy for use with your camera.







  1. Stability – You are buying this for a reason, so you want it to do, what it is intended to do. You want something which will stabilize the video, keep things neutral, and keep your video as high-quality as it can possibly be. You don’t want to compromise quality, and therefore a stabilizer is going to assist you in properly placing the camera and setting features, to ensure great results.
  2. Length – How far will it extend and what type of content can you capture? If it is placed on a helmet, on a car dash, or anywhere else, like a selfie-stick, what is it capable of? You need something which will allow you to capture more, extend your reach, and give you the best quality content possible, as you are recording with your go pro camera, no matter what activities you are engaged in.
  3. Fixed – You don’t want it to shake, move, or otherwise alter the video you are going to capture. So, you have to buy something that is fixed, will remain in place, and will allow you to move, without having to worry about it falling down, or otherwise shifting while you are engaged in different activities. So, look for sturdy and durable, in order to ensure your go pro is safe and secure, and also to ensure the stabilizer is not going to move out of place when you are working with it and recording content.
  4. Weight – A lighter weight, allows you to move freely and easily. Even a couple of ounces can make a difference when you are capturing video and want high quality and precision. So, make sure you know its weight, and how it can be used, when you are recording different types of content with your go pro.
  5. Compatibility – Not all stabilizers are sold by go pro. So, if you go with a generic brand, or another brand name, can you use it with your camera, is it compatible? You have to find one which will not only fit, but can be placed on any surface you want to put it on, in order to record the content, you are attempting to capture. You have options, and you can buy more than one stabilizer for any of the cameras. Simply make sure the one you choose is compatible with your series go pro.
The Best Budget: Roxiant Pro Stabilizer

Although this is not sold by go-pro, it is compatible with many of the models of their cameras. And, it is going to cost you much less than a brand-name go pro stabilizer, while providing you with similar features.

Product features include:

  • It can hold any camera which weighs up to 2.1 pounds.
  • It is rugged, superior-quality, durable, and can withstand drops and other heavy weight.
  • There are three separate counter-weighs, for ease of adjustment.

The stabilizer is manufactured by a reputable company, so you can rely on the quality and durability you are going to get. You can use it in water, for aerial shots, or for nearly any action-packed content you want to record.


It is not sold by go pro. Further, it is not compatible with every single one of their camera series. So, you have to compare it to similar models, for your series, in order to ensure it is going to fit, and safely affix your camera in place.

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The Cheapest Product: Fantaseal

Ergonomic is one of the first words which comes to mind with this stabilizer. It can be held in one or both hands, you can use it on the go, and you can use it for capturing various forms of recorded content.

Some features of this system include:

  • Ergonomic grip, allows you to hold in various manners, and angles, for optimal creation.
  • It works with most gopro action cameras, for quality results in recording.
  • It has simple grip-ridge handles, so your fingers fall into place when you are recording.

It is very light in weight. The grip handle is extremely comfortable, even if you are working and recording for several hours at a time. It allows for quick recording, and can affix most go pro models easily.


It is a cheaper model stabilizer, which means the materials are not as durable as other systems. It might not last as long. And, in certain conditions, you might have to be careful when moving quickly. Although you do pay a lower price for this, in comparison to other systems, it is not as sturdy as some of the pricier stabilizer models are.

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Best of the Best: Go Pro Karma Grip

If you want a stabilizer which is actually sold by go pro, this is the one to consider. Compatible with most models, easy to set up, easy to work with at various angles, and very light in weight for quick movement.

Some of the features which this model affords owners include:

  • Stable cinema quality, no matter what action-packed activity you are doing.
  • Full compatibility, with go pro, and all models in the series.
  • A simple built-in camera gives you more control, and lets you keep an eye on all you are recording.

The grip, the quality, the finish, and the compatibility. You are getting the best, sold by the best. Although it is going to be far more expensive than most, it can withstand any weather or outdoor conditions you put it up against.


The price. For most, it is simply a product they are not going to buy, due to the very high cost you will pay. It is a go pro series model stabilizer, and it is made of high-quality reinforced materials, but it is not efficient with every single go pro camera in the family series.

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Zhiyun Smooth Handhelp Gimbel Stabilizer

Ease of use, easy to setup with your go pro, and high-quality material finish. Additionally, it is compatible with a majority of the go pro series cameras, so you can use it for nearly any adventure.

Some of the features with this model include:

  • Ultra-compact, and light in weight, for ease of transport.
  • The ability to use in wet or dry conditions, and maintain a stable grip on the stabilizer.
  • Ability to capture more footage, move more, and capture crisp and clear content.

It is only 7.7 ounces in weight. This is great if you are doing something fast-paced, and want high-quality content. It has a time-lapse mode, and other settings, so you can modify and alter the footage you capture, for great presentation.


It is a pricey model. Unlike some of the other generic models, this stabilizer is costly, and it is not compatible with every single go pro camera. It is touch sensitive, so you do have to be careful in order to avoid adjusting light or other settings. It is also less durable, and not as rugged, as other stabilizer models of a similar price point available online.

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Wewow Sport X1 Stabilizer

This can be used on helmets, it can be used on a selfie-stick, or you can use it for fast-paced action which you are engaged in. no matter what you are doing, this stabilizer will help you in recording high quality content when you are on the go.

Some features include:

  • Easy to affix or place on helmets, handle, and to keep it out of your way.
  • Brackets, chest straps, and other go pro accessories are compatible with this unit.
  • It is easy to use. Simply power on a button, and in about 3 seconds you are ready to go.

Simplicity is a major selling point. Even if you do not know much about technology or are not aware of many accessories, you are going to find this fairly easy to work with, and to set up, with most go pro models you might own.


Like other generic models, it is not accessible with all of the go pro models which are sold. So, you do have to make sure you can use it with your camera. It is also limited in certain water sports, or fast-paced conditions, in the ability to record certain content.

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  • 1. Can I use it with any Go-pro?
  • As most products change so do accessories. With the stabilizer, one is usually compatible with many go-pro models. But, before you choose one, it is best to make sure, in order to ensure it is compatible, and to ensure it is actually going to fit your specific camera model.
  • 2. How do I use it?
  • The product label will provide full instructions, you can also watch online videos which provide you with setup instructions. The best way is to actually fit it, use it, and see if it is functioning properly. This will allow you to fully utilize the system, and get quality video results
  • 3. Do I need a stabilizer?
  • No. But, as the name implies, it is going to stabilize, and help to improve the quality of the video you are capturing. You can see it clearly, you can see enhanced footage, and you can actually make use of both hands, while you are engaged in fun activities.
  • 4. How much are these accessories?
  • If you buy from go-pro, it will cost more than a generic option. But, you have to compare several products, the quality, and compare the top names, so you can find the right fit, and one which will afford you the best results when capturing videos.
  • 5. How will I use the stabilizer?
  • Again, this depends on the type of content you are capturing and recording. The best way to use it is to go out and use it. Do a few trial runs, see how it works, and see the capabilities, so that you can fully use the accessories, and get the most out of your camera as well, regardless of the type of video content you are capturing when using your go-pro system.