Best Dog Shampoo

All the information you need to know when buying the best dog shampoo


Odors, fur-control, skin conditions. These are a few of the many concerns you have, when choosing a shampoo for your dog. If they suffer from certain conditions, you want something with a soft-scent, or scent-free. In other cases, if your dog is always outdoors, you want something with flea and tick-control built in, and with fresh-scents.

Many dog shampoos are made of organic ingredients. Although these will cost more, they aren’t as abrasive, they aren’t as highly scented, and they typically can be used on all dogbreeds. It is best to discuss with your vet which product is the best shampoo when giving your dog a bath. But, there are more and more manufacturers today, which are considering safety, as opposed to simply producing the cheapest shampoo, in order to ensure it sells.

Before you choose a shampoo for your dog, there are a number of factors you should consider as a dog-owner. So, take the time to compare several products and brands, which will allow you to find the right shampoo for bathing and keeping your dog clean, and smelling their best at all times.

About dog shampoo

When choosing a shampoo for your dog, make sure you know what is in it. Read the ingredient label. You don’t want harsh ingredients, chemicals, or other additives present. Look for pure, vet-approved, or similar ratings, which guarantee the shampoo is safe for your dog and is going to help enhance their pelt or fur.

As is the case with foods we eat, many manufacturers of dog shampoos put additives in, which aren’t safe for your dog. So, make sure you pay attention to what is on the label, what goes into making the shampoo, and which scents, dyes, or fillers are present, to ensure the shampoo is safe for use on your dog.

It is also important to consider the shampoo manufacturer. Some brands have a great reputation for selling organic, or otherwise “safe” products for your pets. So, consider this, and compare several brands, so that you will find the best product available for your dog. Not only for their safety, but also for the softness of their pelt, cleanliness, and of course the scent after their bath.





Type of fur


  1. Scent – In some instances, you want a product which is highly-scented. When it comes to purchasing your dog shampoo, this isn’t always the case. A mild or soft-scent is a good option to consider when purchasing shampoos. They aren’t as harsh, they won’t dry out your dog’s skin, and they typically don’t have additives or fillers, which are harmful to your dog.
  2. Chemical-free – Many shampoos have additives, fillers, or byproducts. You don’t want foods which contain these terms, nor do you want to find these in the shampoo or soaps you use. So, why would you use a product for your dog which contains these terms? Make sure it is all natural, look for organic, and look for terms which give off a sense of safety for use, and non-abrasive for your dog.
  3. Vet-approved – Many products are sold in vet offices. If you see a shampoo in your vet’s office, it is highly likely it is safe for your dog. Otherwise, if you are shopping for it in stores, look for these claims on the product label. It is not only indicating that the product is free of harsh chemicals or additives, but also that it has been approved for sale by vets. You can typically rely on these claims are manufacturers can’t put these claims on the bottle if they aren’t true.
  4. Type of fur – Like humans, dogs have different types of fur, skin conditions, or conditions, which limit the type of product you can use when bathing them. Dry-skin, scalp-care, and other skin or fur-specific conditions can be treated with different shampoos. Some require a prescription, but there are also many that you can buy in stores and use to bathe your dog. So, if you’ve ever been told by your vet that your dog has a specific condition, or needs a specific type of shampoo, pay attention to those words when you are shopping for a particular brand of shampoo in stores.
  5. Brand – The brand name and reputation also make a difference in the quality of the product you are purchasing. So, even if it means you pay a little more, consider choosing higher-priced shampoos, and those who are sold by well-known manufacturers, to ensure high-quality in the products you use on your pets.
The Best Budget: Lambert Kay Fresh N Clean

Fresh, clean, long-lasting scent. Simply applying your dog’s fur with a wet towel, is usually sufficient to remove dirt, and keep their fur looking good for weeks at a time.

Product features of this shampoo include:

  • Antistatic agents help keep your dog’s fur manageable between vet-visits.
  • Cleaning agents are natural, non-abrasive.
  • Your dog’s coat will remain shiny and smell fresh for weeks at a time.
  • It helps in removing mats and tangles if your dog has longer fur.

The shampoo comes in a larger gallon-variety. So, it is more cost efficient. A small, dime-sized dab, is typically sufficient for smaller breeds. The shampoo is also intended to last for weeks at a time. So, you aren’t bathing them as often, meaning you won’t dry out their skin.


The soap isn’t mild or designed for specific breeds. It might not be safe to use on all dogs or specific breeds. It is ready-to-use, so there is no diluting the shampoo prior to application. This might be a little too harsh on certain types of dogs, especially if they suffer from any type of skin conditions.

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The Cheapest Product: Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick Shampoo

This shampoo has a built-in, flea and tick protection. It is extremely affordable, and it can be used on nearly any dog, regardless of the length of their fur.

Some of the product features include:

  • The flea and tick protection is excellent, especially for outdoor dogs.
  • It is fast-acting.
  • It has a fresh, citrus scent.

The shampoo is extremely affordable, and it requires only a small palm-sized amount for you to get your dog clean. The scent will last for a period of 1-2 weeks after bathing your dog. And, the flea and tick protection is a nice added feature, if your dog is outside, or frequently plays outside.


It is not intended for use on all dogs. It is indicated for puppies age 6-months or older. So, if you are looking for something which isn’t too harsh, this might not be the solution for your dog. It also has a citrusscent. This might not clean your dog as well as unscented blends, as there are more fillers in these products, and they typically contain other ingredients, which aren’t specifically formulated for use in bathing your dog.

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Best of the Best: EWG Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

This shampoo is hypo-allergenic, and developed with joint-research, to ensure it is safe for any dog’s pelt. Harmful chemicals and ingredients are eliminated, making it safe for your dog to use on a routine basis.

Some product features include:

  • The hypo-allergenicblend is not harsh for your dogs and safe for use on all pets.
  • SAFE level certified, all ingredients in the mix.
  • It passed a skin irritation test, so you don’t have to worry about itching, dryskin, or other possible complications with your dog.

The fact that it is an all-natural, organic blend, is a nice feature for pet-owners. You don’t have to worry about chemicals, or other harsh-additives being harmful to your dog’s health. It won’t irritate your dog’s skin or fur either.


This shampoo is very costly, especially in comparison to other top-rated, and well-known brands. It is safe for use on all dogs, and all ages, including puppies. With this being said, you are going to use more shampoo and bathe your dog more frequently. You are also going to spend a lot more to maintain their clean and shiny fur with this shampoo, as it is extremely expensive.

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SynergyLabs Antiparisitic Dog Shampoo

Vet-formula shampoo is not only safer for your dogs, but also approved by vets. It is a medicated shampoo, so you should check with your vet prior to using it on certain breeds.

Some of the product features of this shampoo include:

  • It is soft on thegentle skin, or on dogs who suffer from certain skin conditions or allergies.
  • It is vet-approved. It is a formula used by vet offices and clinics.
  • It can treat skin-scaling, or other similar conditions your dog suffers from.

It is a medicated shampoo, so it is a more-intense blend in comparison to other mild soaps and shampoos. It is effective, can treat skinconditions, and is sensitive, for dogs who are allergic to, or suffer from certain conditions.


The shampoo is one which is medicated. It would be best for you to speak to your vet prior to applying it to your dog’s fur. And, if you have puppies, it should be cleared with your vet prior to use as well. The shampoo is not scented, so you also might find yourself bathing your dog more often than with other competitor shampoo brands available for purchase.

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Wahl Natural Waterless Shampoo

For owners who are looking for something a little easier, this no-rinse shampoo might be it. It is a spray shampoo, which you simply apply to the dog’s fur, and allow it to naturally dry. No mess, no hard-work in bathing your dog weekly.

Some product features include:

  • Simple spray design allows you to apply to your dog’s fur and let it air-dry for optimal results.
  • It is a plant-derived shampoo. So, there aren’t harsh ingredients or chemicals.
  • It is a waterless shampoo. If you are tired of bathing your dog, this might be the solution.

The waterless blend makes it simple to keep your dog smelling fresh and clean. You simply apply it to the outer coat, rub it in, and your dog will instantly look cleaner, their fur shinier, and the harsh odors, are eliminated.


It is a waterless solution. This might not work as well as most shampoos, and it will not penetrate the fur as deeply as other, intensive solutions. It might not work well on certain dogs. Especially if your dog is always outdoors, this might not provide the deep-clean you desire, or improve their scent unless used daily.

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  • 1. Can I use any shampoo on my dog?
  • It isn’t advised, especially if your dog has a skin condition or other medical conditions. It is best to find out with your vet first, to ensure you choose a product that is safe to apply to your dog’s fur, and skin when bathing them.
  • 2. Is it really worth spending more on a shampoo?
  • Yes, if possible, it is worth investing in the more-expensive products. They are safer, cleaner, and usually, have the best ingredient blends. They are usually going to clean your dog better, and will also help in leaving their fur shiny after a bath.
  • 3. Do I need flea or tick protection?
  • Possibly. If your dog is always outdoors, or if they’ve had fleas or ticks in the past, you might want to consider it. You will pay more for the shampoo, but the added protection is worth it.
  • 4. Scented or scentless?
  • If your dog is allergic or has certain sensitivities, you might choose a scentless shampoo. It isn’t as harsh and has fewer ingredients in it. It usually won’t irritate the skin as some scented products might.
  • 5. Do I need prescription shampoo?
  • For some dogs, you might. If you have ever been told by your vet to use a specific brand or type of shampoo, it is advised for you to do so. It is safer and will treat any specific condition your dog might suffer from.