Best Collapsible Wagon

All the information you need to know when buying the best collapsible wagon


If you’ve ever gone shopping, only to find you had no way to bring your groceries upstairs unless you made ten trips to the car, you know how handy this little device can be. Or, if you simply want something fun for the kids to play with outside, you’ve also found the ideal little wagon for just that.

A collapsible wagon can be used in many capacities and by many people. So, who would invest in one? Anyone with kids might want to own one. Or, if you go shopping frequently without a car, it can easily help you in transporting your items after purchasing. You can even use it for clothes, or other tools when you are working in a commercial job site.

As a highly useful item, we decided to produce a selection of the best products money can buy as well as the cheapest and top budget collapsible wagons currently available.

About collapsible wagons

As the name implies, it is a wagon, which collapses when it is not in use. This is a great space-saving mechanism. You can fold it away, tuck it under the bed, or easily store it behind a door or in a tight corner when it is not in use.

The wagon can be used to carry or store many items as well. Depending on the type of material it is made of, you can use it to store, push, or pull various items around. And, depending on the weight capacity, you can even use it to transport items when working in a commercial area or job site.

Many also have additional storage pockets or areas. So, you can fold items, carry over-head, or otherwise transport items which you put in the wagon, when it is in use. There are many options to choose when purchasing these wagons, so consider a few of these features, in order to ensure you find the best fit for your personal use needs.



Material finish

Wagon space

Wheel lock feature


  1. Grip – Look for an item with an ergonomic grip. One you can easily push or pull when working. One which allows you to easily grip around the handle, so you have full range of motion and force, if you are moving heavy items. The more comfortable it is, and the more ways in which you can use it, the more it is going to benefit you when working with the collapsible wagon.
  2. Material finish – A poly-blend finish is a good choice. Not only can it withstand rain and other elements, it is also easy to carry several items in at once. The material will not tear easily or get damaged either, so you can put heavier or sharper items in it, without having to worry about the wagon collapsing or breaking, while it is actually in use.
  3. Wagon space – You don’t want something so small that it can only carry one or two items in it. So, compare the wagon capacity. Make sure it is large enough to carry heavy items, and several items at once. Remember, you are purchasing this to make your life easier. So, if you still have to make 2-3 trips when grocery shopping, it isn’t benefiting you as much as it should.
  4. Wheel lock feature – This is a great feature to avoid movement, and also for safety if the kids are playing with it. You can lock the caster-wheels in place, so that the wagon will not move unless you are pushing or pulling it. It will remain in place to avoid an accident, or any form of injury to those who are around you.
  5. Balance – Again, this is meant to help you, not to slow you down. So, look for something with the right center of gravity. Something which will remain in place, is easy to move, and has balance and stability when you are using it. You don’t want it to topple or fall when pushing. So, look for a wagon which can balance, and can evenly distribute the weight you place in it.
The Best Budget: Mac Sports Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Durable, easy to push or pull, and center-pull tab for collapsing the wagon to store, are a few of the nice features which make this a top-seller in the collapsible wagon category. The vivid blue color is also easy to care for.

Some features include:

  • 35 x 20 x 23 cubic foot capacity. It can find plenty, and has a great carrying area for items.
  • It sets up in seconds. There is no complex instruction guide to follow.
  • 600D fabric is easy to care for, and won’t rip easily even with sharp objects.

The capacity is up to 150 pounds. You can put groceries, tools, or even put the dog and kids inside when playing. Easy caster wheels also go in either direction, so you have full control at all times.


The interior portion does have a few deviations throughout. So, it might limit the capacity of items you plan on storing internally. It doesn’t have a wheel-lock either, so if you want this safety feature, it is lacking with this collapsible wagon, where you might find it with other similar sized-products.

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The Cheapest Product: YSC Wagon Garden Folding Shopping Cart

An affordable collapsible wagon, with push and pull compatibility. No assembly is required, so you can instantly use it upon purchase. It is also made of a 600D nylon finish, for durability, and for ease of maintenance and cleanup.

Some features of the wagon include:

  • Center pull-tab for collapse. You can easily pull and store away when not in use.
  • 150-pound capacity. You can put plenty in the wagon, without worrying about stability.
  • It is super light. It only weighs about 10 pounds if you have to lift/transport it.

The ergonomic grip is a nice feature. You can hold it any way you choose, and push or pull the wagon easily. Sliding caster wheels work seamlessly, and are not going to jam, even when you are changing directions with movement. It slides and glides seamless throughout when pushing or pulling it.


At the lower price end, you are going to give up a little internal storage space. The cabin area is not as large as with a few other collapsible wagon designs. This wagon does not have locking wheels, or jamming fixture, which might be necessary, especially if the kids are playing with the wagon.

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Best of the Best: Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon with Side Table

Larger interior carriage is one of the main things you will notice with this wagon. It also has a foldable mechanism, which allows you to hang small items, or store additional items which don’t fit in the cabin.

Some features include:

  • Unique folding design for quick and easy storage when not in use.
  • Folds to only about 8’’ thick; it takes up virtually no room when stored.
  • 600D fabric is both easy to clean and care for. It won’t tear easily.

Extra-large capacity. With a space of 29X35’’, you have more internal storage than you do with other carriages. There is also a small cup-holder on the front, for use in a park, or if you are with the kids.


It is larger, and a bit bulkier than the other wagons on the list. It is larger, and it has more space, but this also makes it a bit heavier. And, at the higher price range, you are not getting additional weight-capacity, as this wagon also has a 150-pound weight capacity. This is similar to those wagons which are much cheaper for those who are on a budget when choosing a wagon.

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Timber Ridge Camping Wagon

Huge wheels are probably the first thing you are going to notice here, in comparison to other wagons. 35 x 18 x 35 cubic foot storage allows you to carry several items seamlessly, and push or pull with the slightest of efforts.

Some features of this wagon include:

  • Simple, one hand collapsible design. Easy to open and fold with no effort.
  • It has a large interior capacity, so you can store large items easily.
  • The large wheels also help to keep you in line. So, if you are pushing heavier weight, you aren’t going to go off course.
  • The wheels give you ultimate stability and control when pushing the wagon.
  • It has an ergonomic grip design, which makes it easy and simple to utilize the wagon.
  • 150-pound weight capacity, is similar to what you will find with most wagons.

The wheels are larger than most traditional wagons. Because of this, it is going to require more room for you to store. So, it might limit the places in which you can fold up and store the wagon away, when you are not using it to do errands or other tasks which you need it for most.

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Summates Collapsible Utility Wagon

This option is designed with the kids in mind. It has a covered canopy area, so if you want to push them around, or even take the dog for a stroll, they are bound to love this cover over the wagon-head when being pushed around.

Some features of the wagon include:

  • Push and pull capabilities, depending on what you are using the wagon for.
  • 150-pound weight capacity, so you can carry more, easily.
  • A canopy is great for shade, for the kids, or even items which need protection from the sun.

It has simple, caster wheels, so it can transition and can easily change direction with the slightest of ease when you are in a hurry. It has a front bin as well, to bring snacks or other items for the kids.


The canopy is a nice feature, but it is going to limit storage options. Or, you are going to have to remove this, and the front basket, each time you store it away when not in use. It is going to be more tedious when you have to store it, and you will have to reassemble these parts, each time you are going to use the wagon.

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  • 1. What can I put in the wagon?
  • Nearly anything. Groceries, laundry, even your kids if you are looking for something fun to play with them. Simply make sure it can handle the weight you are putting inside of it, and be careful with placement to avoid tearing or rips. Apart from that, your wagon can carry nearly anything in it.
  • 2. What materials should I choose?
  • A fabric, nylon, or a poly-blend material, is a good option to choose for the wagon. Not only are these materials waterproof, they are also easy to care for. They will not tear easily, and they are rugged. You can do more, and you are not going to be limited in what you can actually put in the wagon, when you choose any of these material blends.
  • 3. Are there size and weight limits?
  • In terms of size, there are several sizes you can choose from when buying the wagon. It depends on your storage space, and your needs, in determining the size. In terms of the weight, the capacity should clearly be stated on the package or label, when you are choosing your new wagon. So, consider this, and make sure it can handle the amount of weight you plan on placing in it, prior to purchase.
  • 4. Are there locks/safety mechanisms?
  • With most, yes. You will find a lock, wheel-lock, or other safety mechanisms. Also when folding, there are safety locks in place, to avoid shutting a finger or otherwise injuring yourself. Of course not all wagons have these features. So, when you are comparing them, look for this, in order to find one which will have what you are looking for, in terms of safety.
  • 5. How much do they cost?
  • A collapsible wagon’s price will depend on several variables. The size, dimensions, carrying space, material, weight-capacity, and quality of construction. Also, where you buy it, can affect the price you will pay. The best way to find what you are looking for, for less, is to shop and compare. Doing this allows you to find the best wagon, and save on the cost when you purchase it.