Best Carpet Rake

All the information you need to know when looking to buy the best carpet rake


A carpet rake isn’t only going to help you preserve the lifespan of your carpet, it is also going to help you in cleaning it. If you don’t vacuum daily, a carpet rake is a simple tool you can use around the home, in order to help maintain and preserve carpets. As such, we've researched dozens of carpet rakes to bring you a list of the top carpet rakes as well as the best budget and cheapest carpet rakes on the market.

Overtime, it will not only help improve the texture and quality of the carpet, it is also going to help lift dust, debris, and even stuck-in foods. Depending on where you have carpeting in the home, a carpet rake might also help you work on other surfaces. So, if you have hardwood, or linoleum, you can possibly use the rake on these surfaces, to pick up dust, hair, or other larger items around the space.

About carpet rakes

A carpet rake is used in the manner you would expect. Just like you rake the leaves outside the home, you will rake your carpets with the carpet rake. Anyone can truly benefit from using this product. It is efficient at collecting and cleaning larger dust or hair, if you have pets it can help to preserve your carpets, and it can help in between vacuuming as well.

When deciding on a carpet rake, not only should you consider how sharp the rake-head is, but also how many prongs there are. What type of carpet you can use it on. How it will maintain or preserve carpets. And obviously, whether or not it can be used on other surfaces (prevent scratching on surfaces).

Since there are several carpet rakes you can choose from, it is important to compare several to find the right one. Doing this will not only allow homeowners to find something quick and easy to use, but also a rake which is highly-efficient, can collect larger volumes of dirt and debris, and one which will last for many years to come, in helping them preserve, maintain, and clean their carpets in the home.

Understanding how to use your rake, the features, functionality, and other design features, will help you choose the best one for use in your home. So, prior to choosing a carpet rake, consider a few of these features, to ensure you ultimately make the best decision for carpet care and maintenance at home.





Pet-hair Remover


  1. Depth - How deep/long are the rake-heads? You want something that will penetrate your carpets in order to actually clean them. So, you want a carpet rake which is capable of getting deep and penetrating the underlay. This is the best solution for deep-cleaning, and removing stuck-in or on items, from your carpet’s surfaces.
  2. Area - The larger the rake-head, the easier it is going to be for you to rake your carpets. And, the less time it is going to take for you to do so. Look for something which is long, covers a large-area base, and will allow you to work in the home, both quickly and efficiently, when maintaining and cleaning your carpets.
  3. Flexibility - Not only in use, which will allow you to move quickly and easily, but also in terms of surfaces. What type of carpet can you use it on, or are you able to run it over hardwoods or other surfaces? You want a product that is easy to use, efficient, and allows you to work as quickly as possible when doing housework.
  4. Pet-hair Remover - A carpet rake is great for removing pet fur or hair, but only if it penetrates carpets, and has the capacity to do so. So, when investing in a rake, look for one which targets pet-fur, and allows you to remove it, regardless of how deeply it is set into your carpeting at home.
  5. Bristle - Metal bristles are a great option. Not only are they durable, they are typically safe for you to use on many carpets and rugs. Further, they penetrate deeper into the carpet. This not only helps pull up more dirt and stuck-on mess, but also helps with cleaning pet fur, dander, and other allergens. Look for a highly flexible bristle, one which isn’t prone to get damaged easily, and one which penetrates, in order to ensure the best and deepest clean possible, when using the carpet rake to clean the carpets in your home.
The Best Budget: Groom Industries Carpet Rake

This rake has a large, 18’’ coverage area. This means you will complete the raking of carpeted surfaces in the home, in less time, and with far less effort than a smaller base when raking.

Some of the features of this rake include:

  • Pliable and movable bristles. They won’t damage or break, and can penetrate flooring.
  • Smooth and easy transitions. You won’t get caught up or jammed when raking carpets.
  • You can use it on rugs or on carpeting. It is gentle and efficient in cleaning.
  • The large brush-base is highly efficient, and allows for quick and easy-cleanup.
  • It removes pet hair, and it can be used on upholstered furniture safely.
  • It is easy to deep scrub, penetrate, and work on thicker carpeting bases.

The rake is a little fragile. It’s bristle-head is soft, and highly-pliable. However, it is prone to breakage, especially if you are doing spot-cleaning work, or targeting deep or set-in stains. You should be careful when working with this rake, in order to prevent damage, and in order to ensure it doesn’t break-down on you, in the middle of cleaning.

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The Cheapest Product: FURemover Broom

This is a squeegee-type carpet rake. It is easy to use on different surfaces, and you can quickly go from the carpets, to using a wet-towel, in order to mop your hardwood or linoleum floors with this rake.

Some features of this product include:

  • It is safe to use on any surface, and allows for quickly cleaning and transitioning onto other surfaces.
  • It has a solid frame, which allows you to penetrate and to deep-clean different areas or surfaces.
  • It can extend from 3 to 6-feet. So, you can use the rake on any surface when cleaning up.

It is a rubber rake-base. Therefore, it is not going to scratch, nor will it rip or ruin a high-priced carpet or rug. It can be used on various surfaces as well, so you don’t have to invest in many tools for cleaning.


The rubber base might get caught up, or limit the range of mobility you have when working. If you want to work quickly and efficiently, it might cause you to slow down occasionally. It is also a lower-price than competitor products, so might not be as sturdy as other carpet rakes available online.

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Best of the Best: For Your Water's Carpet Rake

Although this is one of the higher-priced items, it is also one of the sturdier models you can buy. It has deep-bristles, which will penetrate surfaces quickly and efficiently. And, it can be used for spot-cleaning tough areas.

Some features include:

  • Quick and easy transition from different materials or surfaces.
  • Ability to spot-treat and clean set in foods or stains.
  • It works well on pet fur or hair. It will also help in removing dander, allergens, or stuck-in stains if treated routinely.

It has flexible teeth. It will move seamlessly and allow you to penetrate surfaces. It also has an extending pole, up to 54’’, and a wide, 10’’ brush-head. So, you can work quickly and easily when spot-treating with the carpet rake.


The biggest drawback with this carpet rake is the higher price. It is well above the rate for comparable products. The rake-head is also a bit smaller than most. At 10’’, you are not going to get as much coverage, and will be working for longer periods of time, as opposed to what you would have to do with a larger rake-head base system.

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Mr. Sigga Rubber Broom

Rubber-brush head is not only gentle on all carpets and floors, but allows you to seamlessly transition to other surfaces when cleaning. A head of just over 12’’, also offers for optimal coverage when cleaning carpets.

The features of this carpet rake include:

  • A wide frame. It has a 12’’ rake base, so you can do more, in less time.
  • Rubber allows you to penetrate floors, and not worry about damaging them.
  • The pliable, and movable base, also allows you to target tough items, which are stuck in, on the flooring surfaces.

It is easy to use, pliable, and very light in weight. The soft bristle-brush also has an extendable wand. So, you can change the height, depending on how tall you are, in order to complete your chores quickly in the home.


The fact that this is a rubber-base, does mean it might limit or restrict you from deeper spot-cleaning. It might also slow you down on some surfaces. Rubber is not as smooth on carpet, as other rake-head bristles. So, keep this in mind if you plan on choosing this product, as it might take longer to complete carpet raking in the home.

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Gloyy Long Handle Rubber Brush

The long-handled brush is not only quick and easy to work with, but is intended to help target fur. If you have pets in the home, then this might be exactly what you’ve been looking for, when cleaning your carpeting.

The features include:

  • Rubber bristle-heads are movable, and will dig deep into carpets.
  • It works into the fibers, so helps remove allergens and built-in dirt/dust.
  • It is intended to spot-treat fur in carpeting, so this is the ideal choice for pet owners to consider purchasing.

It is a rubber broom and brush, built into one. You can deep scrub floors, you can penetrate carpeting, and you can remove, brush, and clean-up different surfaces, all while working with the same carpet rake head.


Like other rubber-based systems, it is possible to slow you down as you are working. It might get caught in certain rug fibers, and might not penetrate as deeply as other rake-heads are capable of. It is specifically intended for pet-hair and fur removal, so if you do not have pets at home, you might not want to pay a higher price, which has features you are not going to use.

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  • 1. Can I use the rake on all carpets?
  • You can usually use it on all types of carpets and rugs. However, some rakes might be too sharp for thinner materials. So, read the product-label, in order to know whether or not it is intended for the carpets or rugs you want to use it on.
  • 2. Will this replace vacuuming?
  • No. A carpet rake is not going to replace the need to vacuum. Carpets are dirty and collect allergens, dirt, and debris. You simply can’t have them in the home if you don’t plan on vacuuming them. A carpet rake will however, help preserve carpets, and “tidy or freshen” up, in between the days which you do vacuum your home.
  • 3. Are carpet rakes sharp?
  • They are not sharp similarly to outdoor rakes. However, they are intended to dig into the carpet, pick up items which are stuck, and help remove general dirt or buildup. So, they do enter the carpet’s surface, and will penetrate rugs or carpeting in your home.
  • 4. How much are carpet rakes?
  • This depends on the brand, quality, features, uses, and the size of the rake chosen. Depending on where you plan on using it, and the features you desire, there are several options available when purchasing a carpet rake. Compare to find the best price and quality before purchasing one.
  • 5. Do I need a carpet rake?
  • It's not essential, no. This is not a necessary item to care for or clean your carpets. However, it will help preserve carpets, improve the appearance, and ultimately help maintain the look and cleanliness in the home, when used in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner.